BEA 2012

Books, books, and more books!

Like I mentioned in my last entry, I had the opportunity to attend BEA 2012 as a Random House Power Reader! It was just as much fun as I imagined, and I definitely want to attend next year! But I’ll need to bring a suitcase! Look at how many books I got! And I was only there for a few hours. Imagine if I had gone the entire week? This is pretty embarrassing, but the reason I had to leave was because I could barely carry my two overflowing bags! And my arms still hurt, two days later!

Like last year, BEA was held in the Javits Center in Manhattan. I’ve been there a few times, twice for Comic Con and three times for Anime Fest. Last year’s Comic Con was pure insanity; I’d never seen the place so crowded! I worried BEA would be as bad, but luckily, it wasn’t. There were crowds, but they were manageable. It probably helped that it was the last day and there weren’t as many events planned. I feel like more people attended Monday-Wednesday.

A shot from the entrance.

I arrived before the doors opened, agenda in mind. I knew which booths to hit, and what times my favorite authors were signing autographs. For the first half hour I picked up free books (it was a little strange to snatch books from the floor and tables and just stuff them into my bags without paying for them!), then headed over to the autographing area to meet Alexandra Bracken!

Since there’s a line of people waiting for autographs, you don’t have a lot of time to talk with the authors, but I managed to tell her how excited I was to read her new book. I also promised to tweet about it once I finished it, to let her know what I thought!

After that signing, I joined the huge line waiting to meet Kristin Cashore! Thanks to a very generous friend, I already own signed copies of all three of Cashore’s books, but I still wanted to meet her (and snag a copy of Bitterblue for a friend). The line moved even faster than the last one, but I managed to quickly tell her how much I love her books and writing, which she was very thankful for. Afterwards, I had a bit of a, “OH MY GOSH, I just talked to Kristin Cashore!” moment.

Look at this pile!

The books are currently stacked on top of my dresser, as I can’t even fit them on my bookshelf! I’m having a hard time deciding which one to read first, they all sound amazing! I think I’m set with books for awhile, don’t you?


4 thoughts on “BEA 2012

    • You didn’t actually have to join anything. All you needed to do was go to the BEA webpage and enter a promo code, enabling you to buy a ticket for Thursday. They only had a certain number of tickets available, and I found out about this event at the last moment, so I was lucky to get one!

      They have a Facebook page, in case you’re interested!

  1. Maybe this is the ONE thing that ereaders have over books–you won’t strain your arms carrying 30-ish books on an ereader. ^^ But I know it was all worth it!

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