The Dreaded Query.

My friend Amy recently wrote a fantastic post about querying, which you can read here. For anyone who plans on querying, this is a must-read!

It also saves me from writing my own post about querying. In all honestly, I was rather awful at it! I wrote about six or seven drafts, and ended up sending two different versions out. After the first version received zero requests, I wrote a more personal version and got my first (and only!) request for a full read. Luckily for me, that one request turned in to an offer, and I no longer had to worry about querying. I should probably mention that I only sent out twenty-six queries, so I’m not sure if the newer, better version would have received more requests for partial/full reads. Maybe, maybe not. All I know is, I did not enjoy writing queries!

But I did have fun with the synopsis, a topic I hope to address in an upcoming post!

One thought on “The Dreaded Query.

  1. I thought both of the queries I saw were fine! You need to write some tips on crafting a synopsis. πŸ˜‰ I’m going to try, but your tips might actually prove more helpful since you got the hang of it!

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