Yesterday marked the official start of summer, with temperatures nearly reaching 100 degrees! I was off from work and decided to have a lazy day that hopefully didn’t involve a lot of sweating. I found myself sitting in front of the computer, staring at a short story I had started back in December. I closed the document, then reopened it to read it. Closed it again, paused, and then opened it and started writing.

And writing, and writing.

I stopped for lunch, to read, or to play my PSP (told you it was a lazy day), but again and again I found myself drawn to my computer. Even though my computer gets extremely hot, I had my little desk fan on, aimed directly at my face, and I didn’t feel the heat at all. By the end of the night (when I finally put my AC on!), I had written over 5300 words. I hadn’t written any fiction since I finished the first draft of my current WIP (poor, ignored WIP…) back in March, and let me tell you, all that writing yesterday felt pretty damn good. I can’t even share what I wrote with anyone as it involves characters from a book I haven’t even written yet, but I’m determined to get this story done. While I don’t enjoy the heat, I am looking forward to a summer spent sitting in front of my fan, writing!


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