Wrapping up a work in progress.

Continuing with my last entry, I was actually able to wrap up edits for my WIP in just five days! I had some grammatical errors to fix and a few scenes to rewrite/elaborate, so it wasn’t as nearly as bad as I thought (I had started editing back in May, but got sidetracked. I thought I had more pages to go through, but was pleasantly surprised to see that wasn’t the case!). I sent the new scenes over to my beta, and they all met with her approval. So now I’m officially done with editing the second draft! I do plan on reading it through one more time to make sure the new scenes properly flow, but after that, I guess I can put this project to rest. And then I can start on something new!


2 thoughts on “Wrapping up a work in progress.

    • I love the feeling you get when you complete a first draft. It makes me feel like dancing~ Finishing edits doesn’t make me feel like that, but I am proud of myself for getting through them, since I dislike that process (although not as much as I used to!).

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