Favorite Covers, Part One

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve been drooling over the cover of Clockwork Princess since it was revealed yesterday. Maybe I’m biased, but I strongly believe YA novels have the best covers out there. So I decided to share some of my favorites in a series of posts. I’d love to hear everyone’s opinions on these covers and please, share some of your favorites with me!

I remember screaming with glee when I first saw this cover. My thoughts were pretty much, “JEM! HE LOOKS SO GOOD! JEM! OMG, JEM!” I’m a big Jem fan, in case you can’t tell! Everything about this cover is perfection. From the model to his clothes to the background, I could stare at it all day. Which is pretty much what I did when I finally had this book in my hands.

 For me, the best part about this cover is the mask. That shade of blue is gorgeous and the feathers are so realistic that you almost expect to feel their soft texture under your fingertips. I love the mysterious feel of the cover; I think it really adds to the story. The font is great, too.

This cover is stunning. The colors, the butterfly mask, the model; what’s not to love? My favorite part is definitely the butterfly, which actually plays a big part in the novel. I love when the cover relates to the story; it shows someone is doing their homework!

So every cover in the Wicked Lovely series has a breathtaking cover, but this one is my favorite because of that purple and yellow flower. I like that the focus is on the flower, but we can still see the model in the background. And the sparkles! Absolutely gorgeous.

I want that dress! There’s actually more to this cover, it continues on the back, but the model is my favorite part. I love how they styled her hair, and her downcast expression is great. The birdcage is a nice allusion to the story, as well. Green is my favorite color, which is why the dress gets a huge thumbs up.

And that’s the end of part one! I’ll try to update this on a weekly basis; I already have a list of favorite covers that takes up an entire page! Don’t forget to check out these amazing books, by the way!


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