Favorite Covers, Part Two

Continuing with my last post, here are five more of my favorite covers!

I’m a huge, huge fan of historical fiction, so any covers that pay tribute to the wonderful eras of the past will always catch my eye. I actually accidentally stumbled across this book in the library, and it was the spine of the book with that delicious retro font that caught my eye. Then I looked at the cover and knew this was the book for me! Later on I discovered this cover was actually used for another book, and in that version you can tell that the man behind the female model is smoking a cigarette. But for the YA version, they blurred it out (but kept the smoke!)!

That dress. I adore that dress! And the model is simply gorgeous. (Incidentally, they used the same model with the same dress for another YA novel that came out this year. Neat!) The whole picture has a very dreamy, fairy tale quality to it, which, guess what, happens to be another favorite genre of mine (I have a lot of favorites.). And the frog is too cute!

I happen to like a very basic black cover with an object in the center. In this case, the object, a jeweled dragonfly, is so detailed and exquisite that I almost wish I had one for myself! The sun flare is a very nice touch, as well.

Another black cover! It was hard to choose a favorite from this series as all four books have equally amazing covers, but I went with the first one. Maybe it’s the color, or the positioning, but for some reason this one stands out as my favorite. Again, the black background is basic, but it makes the blue pop even more.
I could stare at this cover all day. From the gorgeous dress to the castle in the background to the garden in the foreground to the silver embossed flowers, leaves, and vines (which you can’t truly enjoy from this picture), it’s a fairy tale come to life. I want to be that girl, I want to live in that world. I also like how everything is slightly slanted; it gives it an even more magical feel!
What do you think of the covers I picked this time? I tried to mix it up a little, as I tend to always gravitate towards the ones featuring girls in dresses. I hope you enjoyed my selection!


2 thoughts on “Favorite Covers, Part Two

  1. Sometimes I’m tired of the girls-in-dresses trope for YA covers, but sometimes they really pull it off beautifully, like that last one! Gorgeous! 0-0

    I remember you talking about the first cover before (or someone I know did). Funny they forgot to remove the smoke!

    • Isn’t it? And it looks even better in person!

      I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the covers featuring pretty dresses. I may not go around wearing dresses, but I do love looking at them!

      Yep, I was the one who mentioned the hidden cigarette! Very amusing.

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