Music as Your Muse.

Do you listen to music while you write? For me, the answer is yes and no. Most of the time, yes, I’m listening to iTunes on shuffle. But sometimes I forget (I’m not one of those people that always has iTunes open and playing when I’m on the computer) and don’t even realize I’m writing in silence! I do prefer writing to music, but there are some times where I find it distracting. “Oh, I don’t like this song, let’s skip it. I don’t like this one either. What was the name of that song…” And the next thing you know, I’m on the internet, looking up videos on Youtube and reading about artists on Wikipedia. This is a distraction I definitely don’t need while writing! Overall, I do think listening to music helps–most of the time, anyway.

I generally listen to songs with lyrics. Sometimes if I’m writing a battle scene, I’ll listen to a movie soundtrack, but usually I’m listening to my very random playlist that consists of either Japanese pop or rock, American punk, or Disney animated soundtracks. Told you it was random! And sometimes I’ll hear a song and think, “That fits my story perfectly!” Cue playing the song on repeat. Like this:

I pretty much wrote all of The Sight Seer listening to this one song. It reminded me a lot of the main characters and the story they wanted me to tell. Will they get their happily ever after? Only I know the answer to that!

What type of music inspires your writing?

8 thoughts on “Music as Your Muse.

  1. I have to listen to soundtracks without lyrics! My brain’s not too good at balancing reading/writing with listening. (Thus some people can find me spacing out when they’re trying to talk to me!) That’s cool that you found a “theme song” for your book!

    • I wonder if it helps that I usually listen to music in another language? At least that way I can’t sing along (although I do try ^^;;). But music with lyrics has never bothered me! I actually don’t listen to very many soundtracks, nowadays, anyway.

  2. I basically listen to music without lyrics when I write. Mostly jazz and and some folk instrumental with a little classical. Because in the rest of my life I only listen to music with lyrics, the lack of lyrics gets me right into the mood for writing.

    • I used to listen to a lot of music without lyrics, but after writing this post I’ve come to realize I don’t anymore! I wonder if I would find the songs without lyrics less distracting? At least then I wouldn’t be able to sing along!

  3. I usually listen to the same song over and over again forever when I write. Sometimes I’ll hear a song and it will inspire me to write too. And other times I listen to an entire CD over and over again. When I wrote Fade from Ligthness to Dark I ONLY listened to ‘The Cults’ (and now I’m doing the same while I edit) and somehow 30 Seconds to Mars’ CD ‘This is War’ became the soundtrack to my current work in progress (I’m Sorry Juliet). I don’t think I could write in silence actually!

    • I’ve been listening to the Sherlock Holmes soundtracks on repeat as I write my new novel. It fits the mood perfectly, and has definitely been inspiring me! But still, there are times when I don’t even bother opening iTunes and end up writing in silence!

    • With my current work in progress, I’ve only been listening to instrumental music. I guess we just need to find whatever fits the story and run with it. I’ve never heard of nightcore music; sounds interesting! I used to love techno music!

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