Yes, I’m still here. Promise.

Hello all! Sorry for the silence, but when I’m in the middle of a project, I tend to go MIA. I don’t enjoy staring at the computer screen for too long, and once I finish the day’s writing my brain is usually mush, so I walk away and do something else. But the WIP is coming along! It’s 25000 words, and I don’t think I’m even halfway done. I figured out a ton of stuff Tuesday night and then again Wednesday morning during a long commute, and I’m really excited to get it written! Hopefully the first draft won’t be too long, but I already know I can cut some stuff from the beginning, so I’m not overly worried. I’ve had a feel difficult spots (rewrote one scene three times before I finally got it right!), and a difficult character, but I’m loving every moment of it, and that’s all that matters!

In other news, one of my oldest friends (seriously, we’ve known each other since we were two!) got himself a wordpress page, so definitely stop by and say hello!


4 thoughts on “Yes, I’m still here. Promise.

  1. Holy cow, I had a feeling this would be your super-fast book (not that a month or a couple of months with the last two weren’t fast!) and I have a feeling you might surpass my word count on the WIP if I don’t keep up my regimen. ^^ Good luck!

    • Seer will probably always be my super-fast book (73K in 42 days. The manuscript after that was 55K in 75 days, so a bit longer. But I was querying at the same time…). I have a feeling this first draft is going to take longer because of the length. That, and I just started season four of The Big Bang Theory last night. Ah, distractions. Good luck with your WIP, too!

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