Fierce Reads 2012

On Sunday I went to the Fierce Reads event at Books of Wonder in Manhattan! I found out about the event last month and was so very excited when I saw both Leigh Bardugo (Shadow and Bone) and Caragh M. O’Brien (Birthmarked trilogy) were going to be there! Shadow and Bone happens to be my favorite book of 2012, and the Birthmarked books are breathtakingly dark; I couldn’t wait to tell the authors how much their books meant to me!

This was my third event at Books of Wonder. Like the other two times, the authors talked for about an hour, answering questions from both the host and audience. My favorite part was when they discussed where their ideas came from—I especially enjoyed hearing how Leigh Bardugo came up with the idea for Shadow and Bone! Later on, audience members picked random page numbers and the authors read a few lines from the page (no spoilers, of course!).

After the discussion, the audience lined up to get their books signed! I ended up having a nice long chat with Caragh M. O’Brien—when she found out I was a writer on submission, she wished me good luck and said she hoped for the best. It was super sweet of her, and made me extremely happy. But before I could freak out, I had to restrain myself so I could meet Leigh Bardugo! I fangirled a bit (how could I not?), telling her how much I loved Shadow and Bone. And I may have admitted to being in love with the Darkling. *coughs* What? If I hadn’t said it, I would have regretted it!

Books signed, I walked away and promptly freaked the heck out. Silently, because I still surrounded by around people. What a great experience!

Book tours are so much fun! If your favorite author comes to town, go see them! You won’t regret it, I promise you!


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