Books of 2013: January

There are so many great books coming out in 2013 that I actually sat down and made a list to help me keep track. Looking at it, I’m more than a little overwhelmed, but I’m hoping I can read everything on it! Instead of posting the entire list here (which is definitely incomplete, as we wait for definite dates for fall books), I’m going to share what’s on my to-read list for January. I’ll do this for each month, just to give you an idea of what I’m looking forward to reading. Obviously not all of these are going to be read this month, I’m not that good. ^^


1st-The Essence-Kimberly Derting

1st-The Dead and Buried-Kim Harrington

2nd-Prophecy-Ellen Oh

8th-Timekeeper-Alexandra Monir

8th-Revolution 19-Gregg Rosenblum

8th-Just One Day-Gayle Forman

15th-Shades of Earth-Beth Revis

15th-Vortex-Julie Cross

29th-Asunder-Jodi Meadows

29th-The Madman’s Daughter-Megan Shepherd

I have a feeling I missed some books, sigh. I’ll update this later, if that’s the case. Thanks to ARCs, I already read Prodigy and Through the Ever Night, or else those would be on the list, too!

What are you reading this month?


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