Books of 2013: March

So January and February were insane in regards to new books coming out! March, thankfully, is not too bad, and I think I’m going to spend the majority of the month catching up on what came out earlier in the year!


5th-Requiem-Lauren Oliver

5th-Spellcaster-Claudia Gray

12th-Mila 2.0-Debra Driza

19th-Clockwork Princess-Cassandra Clare

26th-Imposter-Jill Hathaway

Clockwork Princess, finally! I seriously cannot wait until the 19th, even if I am afraid to read that book because I just know it’s going to make me cry. Requiem, too, scares me. Ahh final books in the series; they’re bound to break your heart.

What are you reading this month?


One thought on “Books of 2013: March

  1. Def. reading Clockwork Princess! And hopefully my Mila 2.0 will come soon so I can read that as well 😀 Not sure if I could ever give Claudia Gray another shot after that horrible vampire series that I never finished tho… and I’ll prob wait on Requiem since I’m on a book buying ban 😛 but I’m def. going to catch up on stuff from the past few months and I’m currently reading Unravel Me.

    (p.s. You should totally read Partials and love Samm with me :D)

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