Changes and ideas.

Hey guys! I’m still here. I wish I had a reason for my silence, like I was writing another book or something equally exciting but, I don’t. Sorry. I have, however, started rereading the manuscript I wrote early last year while querying (I wrote to distract myself from the stress of querying. Anyone else do that?). I decided to change a couple of minor details, and while I could have gone to the specific scenes and changed them rather easily, I decided to refresh my memory of the story and characters and start from the beginning. On Sunday, I only had time to read two chapters. Last night, I read over fifty pages as I found myself sucked into the world once more. This story, a YA fantasy, was meant to be a standalone, but all day today I was playing around with ideas for a potential sequel. I did this last year too, while writing it (and afterwards, too!), but I never jotted any of them down because… Well, I don’t know why. I’m pretty sure after I finish my reread, I’ll make some notes this time around. And we’ll see what happens!


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