034 (Medium)I got a Kindle for my birthday! Now, I was one of those people who swore I’d stop reading before using an ereader, but my stance has changed in the last year or so. Basically, once I found out you could send your word documents to the ereader and read them on there, as opposed to wasting 230498324 pages of paper (not to mention ink!), I knew I had to get one. I printed out The Sight Seer–it’s A LOT of paper. I also printed out Novel Number 8, which is about 20,000 words less than Seer, but still, it’s a huge stack of pages (and yes, I did print on both sides of the paper!). I did not print out Novel Number 9 (I’m running out of room for all of this paper!), opting to instead read it over (and over, and over) on my computer. My poor eyes. Knowing I had many more novels to write and edit, I decided it was time to finally get a Kindle. And the first thing I read on it? The Sight Seer! I love being able to read on a device without straining my eyes! Eventually, I’ll upload Novel 9 and read that over, looking for typos and grammatical mistakes. And of course I’m going to fill it up with books and novellas!

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