BEA2013: Day One

BEA was insane today. Big crowds, lots of long autographing lines… I ended up with a good haul, however:

bookdayone (Medium)The entire top row and third, fourth, and fifth book in the second row were signed!

bookstackdayone (Medium)Nice stack of books.

021 (Medium)Highlight of the day: Meeting Lemony Snicket! He was so funny!

And tomorrow is another day! I looked over my schedule and made some adjustments. I now know that it is impossible to see/do everything. Not unless you clone yourself. So the theme of tomorrow (and today, once I realized I couldn’t do everything due to the fact that I was spending nearly 45 mins on autographing lines!) is to do the stuff I really, really want to do. And get to the events early, because boy do those lines build up fast!

4 thoughts on “BEA2013: Day One

  1. You got Cherry Money Baby! That’s all everyone is talking about on Twitter! I can’t wait for Saturday!!! I’m even more excited now!!! Will you be there on Saturday too? We have to meet up!

    • Ooh, now I’m excited to read it! I have to admit I have never heard of it before. That’s one of the best things about BEA; finding great new reads by accident!

      If Saturday is anything like it was last year when I went as a Power Reader, you will get SO MANY BOOKS (I seriously got nearly 30 books!). So be very excited! I sent you an email about meeting up; I hope we can!

    • I’ve heard of *most* of them. Sometimes there’s a book drop and a big crowd and you just grab and look at it later. But for anything signed, I wanted them in advance (although on the second day I got a couple of signed books just by being near the right booth at the right time!).

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