Yep, you read that correctly. For this weekend only, The Sight Seer is on sale for 99¢!! Here’s a little a snippet:

“Still with me,” Rafe asked as he drove me home, “or have I lost you to a food coma?”I licked the last bit of gooey chocolate icing off my fork and groaned. “This is seriously the best piece of chocolate cake I have ever eaten. In my life. Ever.”

“Alright, I get it,” Rafe laughed. “I told you that place was good.”

“Next time we go, we’re just getting dessert.” I clamped my mouth shut when I realized what I had just said. Next time. As if we were dating. Which we obviously weren’t. Good job, Gabi.

“We’ll see,” Rafe said mildly as my face burned. I wished I could open the door and fling myself out onto the pavement. “There’s a Thai place down the block from my school that’s pretty amazing.”

“Oh.” Maybe we were dating.

“Evan knows one of the waitresses and gets us a good discount whenever we go.”

Maybe we weren’t. I resisted the urge to start bashing my head against the window. I think that would have freaked him out. Which was what I was currently doing.


For more awkward fun, check out The Sight Seer today!

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