The Dessert Post

In addition to demons and cute boys and kissing time, dessert plays a huge role in The Sight Seer. Gabi, the protagonist of the story, is obsessed with dessert. In her mind, dessert (especially chocolate) fixes everything, and it’s the perfect cure for dealing with the realization that demons exist, and she’s one of the rare humans who can See them.

So I figured I’d talk about the desserts featured in The Sight Seer, along with some pictures, because, who doesn’t love looking at cake? Although I’m hungry right now, so this might not be the best idea…

Ice Cream

008 (Small)

Ice cream is Gabi’s go-to comfort food. Whether she’s had a rough day at school or her sister Chloe needs a pick-me-up after getting burned by the school’s resident playboy, Gabi will head straight for the freezer and pull out a carton of ice cream. She loves all flavors, although she’s partial to mint chocolate chip ice cream. And yes, she eats it straight out of the carton (which means she doesn’t have to worry about washing any dirty bowls afterwards!). At home, she’ll have it plain, but if she goes out and someone else (Rafe) is treating, she will get a sundae with an obnoxious amount of fixings on top. And proceed to eat the entire thing by herself.

29 (Small)


When dealing with Rafe’s bombshells that yes, demons are real, and yes, Gabi has the ability to See them, she interrupts him to get herself a double chocolate chip muffin. According to her, it’s the only way she’ll make it through the rest of their conversation. Rafe pulls out his wallet and pays for it, sealing his fate right then and there. For the rest of the series, he will be buying her dessert whenever they go out.


Eating donuts while sitting on a bench outside talking to a cute boy—does it get any better? Except the conversation they’re sharing is heavy, and Gabi still doesn’t know if she should trust Rafe with everything. In the end, she decides to trust her instincts—he did bring her glazed chocolate donuts, after all—and tells him about her painful past.

013 (Small)

Apple Pie

Rafe brings an apple pie to Gabi’s house as a peace offering to Gabi’s dad after he sees something he really didn’t want to see (yes, I’m being vague here on purpose!). Luckily for Rafe, it happens to be Mr. Harkin’s favorite dessert, although that doesn’t stop him from continuing to give the two a hard time. Or, as Gabi calls it, “filling his ‘drive Gabi crazy’ quota for the month all in one shot.”


Another comfort food, Gabi drinks a vanilla milkshake in The Sight Seer, but she loves any flavor. She especially loves it with whipped cream and a cherry on top, although the one she drinks in the novel doesn’t have either.

Chocolate Cake

025 (Small)

Gabi eats chocolate cake not once, but twice in the novel. The first piece she has is from an Italian restaurant, and she declares it to be, “…seriously the best piece of chocolate cake I have ever eaten. In my life. Ever.” It is all chocolate with chocolate icing, chocolate filling, and chocolate chips and, in all honestly, if she could eat only that cake for the rest of her life, she totally would. The second piece of chocolate cake is consumed alongside the vanilla milkshake. It’s a simpler cake with only chocolate icing, but still good. Chocolate cake is definitely Gabi’s all-time favorite dessert. Basically, if it’s on the menu, she’ll be getting it (and making Rafe pay for it).

003 (Small)

Man, my stomach is growling! What’s your favorite dessert? Did I mention it in my post? Are my pictures making you hungry? As for me, my favorite dessert is either chocolate chip cookies or brownies, made from scratch and still warm from the oven. I’m also partial to Gabi’s “best piece of chocolate cake I have ever eaten.” It seriously is the best ever!

026 (Small)


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