An Autumn Dream: Paperback Version

My paperback copy of An Autumn Dream arrived yesterday and I wanted to share some pictures with everyone!

001 (Medium)The front!

002 (Medium)The back!

005 (Medium)Side by side with big sister The Sight Seer (seriously, how awesome is it to have both of these books in print? VERY awesome!).

003 (Medium)OH, I’m sorry, but what’s that? A sneak peek of the next book in the Silver Moon Saga?

SURPRISE! Included with the printed version ONLY is the first chapter for the next book! (I’d post a picture of that too, but there are spoilers for The Sight Seer.) I cannot wait to share book two with everyone; I’m hoping for an early 2014 release. As soon as we decide on a date, I will immediately let you guys know! And then there will be a cover reveal and all of that fun stuff. So excited!

So that’s my pretty. I always dreamed about having ONE book with my name on it sitting on my bookshelf, and now I have two!


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