A Date AND a Title!

Guess what? Book Two in the Silver Moon Saga has a date! It will be out…

APRIL 11TH 2014!

That’s less than two months away (trying not to freak out!). I’m excited to share this one with you all. And because I’m tired of referring to it as “Book Two,” I’m going to go ahead and tell you the title as well: THE SOUL HEALER. What do you think? I’ve had that title in my head for the longest time. It was never, ever anything else. It’s so much easier that way (I’m the type that will stress and stress and stress until I have a title, and unfortunately titles don’t always come quickly to me). What does it mean? Well, you’ll have to read it to find out!

But I can share the blurb:

It’s been two months since Gabi Harkins first learned of demons and the mysterious hunters who battle them. After discovering a few unbelievable surprises about herself, she simply wants to settle into a normal routine that involves dating her boyfriend Rafe Fitzgerald, hanging out with her friends, and eating lots of dessert. But when her peaceful life is destroyed by the ultimate of betrayals, Gabi must rely on her wits—and a few new crazy friends—to survive her hardest challenges yet.

 The sequel to The Sight Seer combines action, romance, and a healthy dose of humor as Gabi struggles to learn the truth about the secrets that surround her life.

So mark your calendars and add it to your Goodreads shelves!


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