Visiting the High Line

This past Monday Amy McNulty and I visited the High Line in Manhattan! Originally elevated railroad tracks used for freight trains, this area has been turned into an urban park that extends along the West Side of the city. It opened in 2009, but this was my first time visiting it. And we planned it perfectly because the newest part, running north to 34th Street, just opened this past weekend!

008 (Medium)

024 (Medium)

It was super windy that day, and the sky was both overcast and sunny, depending on where you were!

011 (Medium)

There was a lot of construction happening, so it’ll be interesting to see how the area changes in the upcoming years. I also thought it was neat having an aerial view of the rail yard!

030 (Medium)

The new section offered wonderful views of the Hudson River (and some ferry boats!).

067 (Medium)

078 (Medium)

We walked the entire length of the High Line, and while it was over a mile long, it didn’t feel like it! Maybe because we stopped often to take pictures. I’m already planning on returning in the spring when the flowers are in bloom. I bet it’s gorgeous!

2 thoughts on “Visiting the High Line

    • I will definitely bring my camera (and extra battery) when I go in the spring! You’re right, it will probably be pretty in the fall, too. And then after I walk it, I can treat myself to some dessert. 😉

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