Tomodachi Life: Part Three

With Gabi and Rafe happily married, it’s Evan and Alex’s turn now! Evan, madly in love with Alex, told me he wanted to propose. I suggested the amusement park, and he popped the question inside the Ferris wheel.



759Alex could hardly contain her excitement. 🙂

761And neither could Evan. Nice of him to dress up for the occasion, right?




For their honeymoon, they went on a safari! And, yes, he’s STILL wearing that sombrero.



773Enjoying the married life.

787Alex hogs the covers!

819Evan REALLY loves that hat.

931Alex can’t help but praise her husband.

932??? Are we talking about EVAN?

933No, seriously. Evan is a SLOB. He doesn’t even know what the word “chores” means!

934He would like to wear shiny armor, though.

935Aww. Well, as long as you guys are happy!

And yes, other Silver Moon Saga characters have started to move in.

003Nina is all about the pink.

004Phil has a workout themed apartment!

861And Kain enjoys staring at himself in the mirror.

022Posing for a picture. Of course Gabi is in the center!

That’s it for Part Three! Here’s what you have to look forward to in Part Four…

824A baby!!

3 thoughts on “Tomodachi Life: Part Three

  1. Omg, ha. XD You make some cute Miis! I forgot all about the photo opportunities, wha… I haven’t done that in months!

    Maybe Evan is just being extra nice in his newlywed days!

    • Thanks, I try! I think Gabi and Alex came out really well, and I LOVE Nina’s pink hair. Kain looks like Clark Kent. 😀

      The photo opportunities are so much fun! But my new thing is having the Silver Moon gang sing “Operation Chocolate.” Too. Much. Fun.

      Oh, is that it? So once the honeymoon is over, Evan will go back to being a slob? 😀

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