Tomodachi Life: Part Four

Continuing from where we left off, Evan and Alex had a baby!

825I told them it didn’t matter.

826Oh. Um. Wow. How… cute?

827That’s a nice name, but are you sure you didn’t have a boy? She looks just like Evan!

829Happy family.

831Playing peekaboo.



836Hahaha, what a face.


839Dressing her up as a chick!

843Learning how to crawl. The babies in this game grow up ridiculously fast.

852Evan loves his mini-me!

859The entire family conked out at the park


867Hey, where’s Evan?

876She’s walking!

878Getting so big.

884Brushing her teeth with Mommy.

891Playing on the trampoline.

900The obligatory embarrassing photo.

899Fast was right. It’s only been five days!

After they grow up, you can either keep them on the island or send them off traveling. Since Charlotte was the first baby born on the island, I didn’t have the heart to send her away and she became a permanent resident.

907Hanging with Dad.

910Doing exercises with the family and Gabi.

131Charlotte has something to tell Evan.



134Evan was REALLY shocked.


138He really believed her!

156Charlotte also visits her parents from time to time.

Did becoming a dad change Evan?

144Nope. Not at all. Did you really think it would? Poor Alex.

And in case you were wondering, these two are fine:


So fine, in fact…


See you next week for Part Five!

2 thoughts on “Tomodachi Life: Part Four

    • For some reason those eyes have that line over it, so yep, it definitely looks like she has two pairs of eyebrows! And it’s funny how her eyebrows were blond when she was a baby, but they turned black when she grew up!

      The pillow fight wasn’t an animation; it was a photo one of my other islanders took with the instant camera. It was so funny (and typical of Evan, although Alex would definitely beat him up instead of running away!) that it had me cracking up.

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