Tomodachi Life: Part Five

It’s baby time again! What did Gabi and Rafe have?


939Cute name!

941So happy!



946Dressing her up as a ladybug. 🙂

952Whoops, someone had a nightmare! Also, I love how Gabi sleeps sprawled out across the bed.

002Rafe reading to Piper.

010Piper trying to crawl.

012Playing peekaboo–hey, where the heck is Gabi?

013Oh, she’s next door, hanging out with Evan and Alex. Poor Rafe.

017Just kidding. She loves her daughter.

036Singing to Piper.


082Watching her take her first steps.

097Now she’s running!

105Family day at the beach. Gabi dyed her hair blonde, by the way.

106Relaxing. Why is Rafe wearing his baseball uniform to the beach?!

110They took Piper to the amusement park too!

112She grew up!

After they grow up, you get a photo album filled with baby pictures. Here’s a few:

114They sleep the same way.

115Don’t take Mom’s food! Especially if it’s chocolate!

116This is a good way to scar your kid for life.


118Playing with Bo!

165Hanging with Mom (yes, Gabi has a dessert themed apartment! And yes, she’s wearing a flapper dress!).

166And Dad. 🙂

159Piper is really pretty.

163Gabi is super, super modest.

145The flapper and the baseball player. How cute are they?

That’s all for now! Look for more shenanigans next week!


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