Cover Reveal: A Promise of Magic

So as you all know from this post, A PROMISE OF MAGIC is coming out NEXT WEEK. This means things are moving along very quickly now and it’s time for a cover reveal!

But should I post the blurb first? I don’t know. You guys probably don’t even read anything that comes before the cover. Am I right? Are you even reading this? Hello?

Okay, fine, I’ll share the cover first, and then the blurb. Without further ado, I present to you the gorgeous cover of A PROMISE OF MAGIC:

MELISSA2 (Medium)

How beautiful is this cover? I’m absolutely in love with it, as I’m sure the rest–

Evan: HEY. Wait a second here!

Evan?!? Where did you come from?

Evan: Sweetheart, I’ve been here the entire time. Watching and waiting for the cover of MY book to be shared. But what the heck is this?! Why is GABI on the cover and not me?

Gabi: Duh, I’m the main character.

Evan: You’re the main character of the other books, but not this one. A PROMISE OF MAGIC is MY story. Just read the blurb!

Oh, right. The blurb I was about to share until you rudely decided to hijack my blog…

As a child growing up in California, Evan Underwood only has a basic knowledge of Silver Moon, the organization that keeps the world safe from demons. After accidentally setting his parents’ house on fire with magic, he’s sent to the New York Silver Moon HQ to learn how to control his powers. Frustrated by his teacher’s refusal to show him anything beyond magical theory, Evan decides it’s time to take matters into his own hands. But teaching himself magic isn’t as easy as Evan imagined, and it’s during one of these practice sessions that he’s discovered by Alexandra Chen, a strange girl Evan finds both frustrating and alluring. Making a promise to show Alex magic, Evan is determined to live up to her expectations, even if it means breaking a few rules in the process. But when things backfire, Evan must rely on his friends to help free him from the clutches of a new, sinister character.

A Promise of Magic spans the course of eight years, and readers will delight in the appearances of old friends and new characters as Evan navigates his life through the busy streets of New York. With two bonus stories that set up The Shadow Stealer, the final book in the series, Silver Moon Saga fans are in for a real treat.

Evan: SEE?! Gabi’s name isn’t even mentioned in the blurb! I’m the star, so where’s the cover featuring my gorgeous face?!

I did make you this one yesterday:

promisefakecoverEvan: Okay, let’s use that one.

Gabi: NO WAY. I don’t care if the majority of the book is about you, my face is still going on the cover! You owe me, Evan!

Evan: Owe you? Why the heck would I owe you?

Gabi: *throws a copy of THE SOUL HEALER at Evan*

Evan: Oh. Right. Maybe I do owe you.

Gabi: *beams*

Is everything squared away, you two? Can I have my blog back now?

Evan: Yeah, yeah, fine. Whatever. Let Gabi have her covers. We all know the real reason why I’m not on it.

Gabi: I’m almost afraid to ask.

Evan: I’m too hot, of course. Girls and boys alike would faint if they feasted their eyes on my beautiful face for too long. It would cause a worldwide panic!

Gabi: Sure, that’s exactly why. Keep telling yourself that.

Evan: It’s true!

AHEM. *pushes them out of here* Sorry about that. I hope you enjoyed today’s cover reveal, and remember, only ELEVEN more days until A PROMISE OF MAGIC!!


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