Tomodachi Life: Part Six

Wow, are we really up to Part Six? Last time we met Piper, Gabi and Rafe’s daughter. And this week? Well…

008Again? Already?!

009Another cute baby. 🙂

010Such a pretty name!

012Happy baby.

014Playing peekaboo.

021Aww. Rafe is such a good dad!

023Don’t cry, Ariana! (Notice Bo in the background. He’s completely ignoring her!)

Okay, I’m bad and didn’t take as many baby pictures this time (Sorry, Ariana!). But here are some of her as a kid.

037She’s four days old in this picture and already reading, haha!

038Nice family portrait.

039She’s wearing a cat costume!

058All grown up!

092Uh-oh, she wants to meet Evan.

168Hanging with her big sister, Piper. They’re best friends!

157Dad came to visit.

126That ninja in the middle? That’s Kain. He’s totally flirting with the Fitzgerald sisters.

187Yes, Gabi loves you!

207Mom and her two girls doing the hula.

203I can’t picture Rafe getting mad like that!

217Socks? In your wallet?

245Yeah, you should!

176Aww, that’s nice. She came for a visit!

184Gabi is once again displaying how modest she is.

024I think you will be!

172Haha, poor Rafe. Gabi makes him do everything!

209No wonder he’s conked out (with Kain the ninja)!

026Bwahaha–I mean, I’m sorry, Kain, that’s horrible. Bad Gabi!

265Your… tummy?

005Aww, Phil! We love you!

220You are definitely cool with that pink Mohawk, Alex!

098No, no, nononono. (Like Nina’s devil horns?)

So as you can see, they’re just as crazy as usual. I love sitting back and watching them interact. I hope you’re enjoying these posts as well! That’s it for this week’s addition, and let’s close it with a little fan service…

094Woohoo, freshly showered, half-naked Rafe! 😀 Somewhere, Gabi is drooling.


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