Tomodachi Life: Part Seven

And we’re back with more Silver Moon Saga Mii fun! Last time we met Ariana, Gabi and Rafe’s second daughter, and this time, Evan and Alex had a son!

034His name is Aaron, and yes, Evan is in a penguin suit. He loves dressing up!


036He’s so cute!



075Playing (and standing!) with Mom.

077Haha, he’s wearing a little green suit! That pose is so Evan.

084I love his spiky hair.

089Big sis Charlotte playing with her brother.

133Even Phil came to see Aaron!

151Playing with blocks.

161On his trampoline.

162All grown up!

186At the cafe with Charlotte (who now has blue hair!).

196Playing the guitar together.

200Evan and Alex are exhausted after raising two kids. (The sombrero is back!)

205Charlotte and Phil have gotten closer.

194And Kain (the ninja) is hanging out with… Evan?!

213How the heck did THIS happen (they’re supposed to hate each other!)?

215Nah, Evan is just friendly.

214Everyone wants to be his friend! Or maybe they just like his sombrero…

201And Kain? Kain is just vain. (Also, oops, I just told everyone.)

197I’m not sure how to answer that, Phil.


Speaking of Alex, check out this amazing dream she had.








150Alex Avenger! What do you think? Does she look good with white hair? Charlotte makes a cute fairy, too!

That’s all for now! Next time we’ll have a love confession!


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