Tomodachi Life: Part Eight

We’re back! I promised you a love confession in this installment. It’s a good one, and it also made me laugh…

246Well, FINALLY. I’ve been trying to push these two together for the longest time! Kain was just too lazy to act on his feelings, so it was up to Phil!

247Phil confessed at the beach.

248But wait! Piper, Gabi and Rafe’s firstborn, ALSO has feelings for Kain!

249“I love you more,” says Phil. Gee, this is starting to sound like Tangled.

250Time to pick, Kain!

251He picked Phil! 😀

252Poor Piper fell over from shock. (Never fear, she and Kain remained besties!)


254The happy couple.

272Phil watching Kain playing his Nintendo Wii.

Phew, they’re finally together! Still no marriage, but I have faith that Phil will propose soon (Not Kain, though. He’s TOO DARN LAZY!)!

How is everyone else doing?

033Hey, yourself, Evan. Love your lederhosen. 😀

034Yes, yes, you are so amazing, Evan.

044Make yourself a ‘sammy’!

052She’s so adorable, I can’t even.

027I hope the Underwoods don’t corrupt Piper!

019Kain and Phil listening to music with the Fitzgerald sisters.

057I’m actually really surprised Gabi cooks!

277Gabi (no, her hair isn’t pink, it’s just the lighting) and Rafe had a picnic in the park.

059A cute shot of the Silver Moon gang with the Fitzgerald sisters. Hmm, I should probably do another one of these with the Underwood children. It’s only fair!

WARNING. The following picture may seduce you! Or make you laugh. You’ll probably laugh.

087Evan knows just how sexy he looks in lederhosen. XD

I think that’s a good place to end this week’s post, don’t you? See you next Sunday for more fun!


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