Tomodachi Life: Part Nine

Here we are at Part Nine! Gabi and Rafe wanted to tell me something…

002ANOTHER ONE? I mean, congratulations! XD

003It’s a mini-Rafe!

004Colton Fitzgerald. Nice!

005I know you will!

007And here they are, totally ignoring the baby so they can make goo-goo eyes at each other.

011Probably because you’re ignoring him!

014Okay, that’s better!


020Lunch time!

035Getting bigger. And he has hair!

039Trying to keep him happy.

041How cute are they?

045Playing with Dad!

049In the sandbox!

067Oh, this is great. Colton is walking, and Gabi and Rafe are once again too busy staring at one another to pay attention to what he’s doing!

068Seriously, look at your kid!

069Sure, go ahead.

070What about your two daughters?

071Oh, Gabi. XD

072Haha, if you say so!

073Wow, he’s the perfect baby! No wonder you and Rafe let him wander around the house unsupervised!

074Awwww. That’s actually really nice. 🙂

075I’ll bet!

077He is pretty cute (although why blond eyebrows?)

078I gave Gabi a cake hat, and she likes it! Too bad it’s not edible!

080Uncle Evan came over to corrupt Colton. He’s still wearing his lederhosen! And he’s still posing!

083Colton’s dressed as a bear.



086Being ignored again. XD

088All grown up!

092Nice to meet you, Colton!

098Hanging out with his big sister.

103Talking with Evan.

104Ooo, nice outfit, Rafe!

105I’d be amused if I saw you swinging a baseball bat while wearing that outfit.

106And one final picture of Gabi and Rafe because we can never have enough of them being lovey-dovey, right?

So now the Fitzgerald family is a family of five! What do you think of the newest addition?

See you next week for more fun!


2 thoughts on “Tomodachi Life: Part Nine

    • Yep, he’s almost identical to Rafe. Even their voices were the same until I tweaked Colton’s. XD

      Rafe hasn’t worn the Napoleonic costume that much, sadly. He likes his Santa Claus suit, though!

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