Tomodachi Life: Part Ten

And we’re back again for more fun! No babies, no love confessions, and no weddings this time, just pure Silver Moon madness.

099I can totally picture him doing that.

094Wonder what kind of CD it was?

101Kain is apparently a dog person.

107Ariana says the funniest things.

112It’s nice that you’re still friends after he rejected you for Phil!

114Party at Rafe’s place!

115Oh, wait, guess he’s too tired from studying to party.

117Not hard to fathom at all, Nina.

119Well, you are Evan’s kid, so I bet it’ll be awesome, too.

121Rafe hanging out with his two kids.

122Kain’s an avid reader.

123I bet he borrowed those from Kain!

124And by cooking you mean baking cake and cookies, right, Gabi?

127Brushing their teeth! Alex is so short she needs a stool. 🙂

129Good to know, Phil.

142Ariana and Nina doing yoga together.

144NICE tux, Rafe!

145Wait, don’t use your punching bag while in a tux!

146Alex is doing a very mean impression of Colton, haha!

147Gabi’s wearing a cake hat while eating cake. Mind=blown.



157This is true.

158This is also true.

159Prince Kain.

160So cute!

161Charlotte and Piper jamming on their guitars.

162Ariana and Evan playing video games together.

163See? I told you she says funny things!

164I will!

185New outfit for Evan. Which he loves. Of course.

199Good thing Gabi and Rafe keep having babies.

201Did she punch you in the face after you did that?


218Proud Mama.

221Sounding just like Evan…

223Now Evan’s in a hot dog costume, and he’s flirting with me.

224Dance party!

227It IS cruel, I agree.

228I’m sure Phil loves it when you do that.

002Which ones do you consider dumb? Also, now you’re a dog?!

005Tell us what happened!

009I’m surprised Gabi didn’t notice, since she’s always staring at you!

017Yes, yes, we KNOW, Kain.

020You’re supposed to hate each other!

012Considering you’ve only been married for a few months, I’d hope she looks the same!

015Exactly. Don’t be stupid, Evan.

And let’s end here. Look for a special Christmas edition next week!


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