Tomodachi Life: Part Twelve

Here we are again! As you can see my Miis are still celebrating the holidays, which is why they’re still in their Santa suits and ugly sweaters. And sombreros, of course!

First of all, we have a new addition to the Silver Moon Miis:

064It’s Charles! And he looks pretty sad, haha!

220But he’s hanging with Phil, so that’s good!

222See, they’re even having a dance party! (Note: This would NEVER happen in the Silver Moon books!)

150Did she poison them first? o_o

231Hanging out with Gabi in the park (it’s so cold, go inside!).

So Phil decided it was time to propose to Kain (I knew Kain would be too lazy to make a move first!), and I suggested he pop the question at a restaurant.

128Getting ready to ask…



135Oh no! I pressed the wrong button and Piper, their waitress, interrupted Phil’s proposal! XD

136But Phil tried again!

137And Kain said yes!



147You blinked!

148You both blinked!

149Now Kain blinked!

208Happily married and in their new home. And Kain is a king, apparently!

178Meanwhile, Piper is practicing her swing (she takes after Dad!)

211You’re such a liar, Evan!

041And you’re just like YOUR dad, Aaron!

039Just like in the books!

054Why is this a competition?

068Yep, Gabi is definitely corrupting you!

074Well, he wants to eat cotton candy clouds, so…

083Please don’t explode!

096Okay, sheesh, don’t yell at me, Rafe!

159Now Nina is yelling!

098Exercising! Kain’s head looks like it’s coming out of Alex’s head. XD

This brings us to the end of our twelfth installment! I wonder what my Miis have in store for us next week? Well, a certain couple might be having yet another baby… 😀


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