Tomodachi Life: Part Thirteen

It’s amazing that we’re up to part thirteen already, with no signs of stopping. I play every single day and my Miis never fail to amaze me with their craziness. And the Fitzgeralds are slowly taking over the island…

008Aaron wants a holiday card.

082I hope Aaron wasn’t expecting Ariana to send him one! XD

009Piper is afraid of spiders, just like Gabi!

021I can’t believe they’re still best friends.

024Mr. and Mrs. Claus went on a date to the amusement park…

027Cooking dinner together.

028Piper introduced Nina and Alex and they became friends!

042And somehow Charles and Colton became best friends!

031Piper and Charlotte are jamming on their guitars.

044The blurting things out I can see, but apologizing for them? Not Evan!

045Alex is funny.

030Gabi? What are you doing? Trying to seduce Rafe?

055Ummm…. I mean, seriously? This is your FIFTH baby!

056Another girl!

057Cute name!


060I love how upset they look when the baby is crying.


065Cutie pie.





133They started clapping when Melanie stood by herself.

142Ignoring Melanie to stare at one another. XD

148Whoops, Rafe fell out of the bed!

153Getting so big!

009All grown up!

011Getting ready to make baby number six. XD

012I love how all five kids have different personalities.

013Let’s see all the kids together, shall we?

031From eldest to youngest: Piper, Ariana, Colton, Riley and Melanie.

036At the beach.

037They look like members of a pop music group.



032Mom and Dad joined them.


042Gabi’s the star of this family.


Love this family of seven. Seven! I still can’t believe they have five kids! And in case anyone is wondering, I have no control over these babies. They decide to have them on their own. I also don’t know how many kids a couple can have, but something tells me Gabi and Rafe aren’t done yet…

See you all next week for more fun!


2 thoughts on “Tomodachi Life: Part Thirteen

    • Why is it so hard to have boy babies? I’ve had four boys total (and two I sent away as travelers) compared to nine girls!

      I wonder if Gabi and Rafe have reached their limit, or if there will be another Fitzgerald baby in the future…

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