Tomodachi Life: Part Fourteen

Whenever I check to see what number the next installment of Tomodachi Life is, I always say, “Are we really up to *insert number here*?” Thanks for sticking around this long!

077Okay, HOW adorable is Alex the Pirate? This might be my new favorite costume!

079Not to be outdone, Evan is now a police officer. That’s a really nice thing to say about Gabi, by the way!

102Ariana and Alex decided to blow bubbles in the park at night.

103Ariana, aren’t you cold?

111Riley and Evan are staring at the sky…

113I think they were actually waving to planes?

122And Charles is… You know what? I don’t even want to know what he’s doing with a giant shrimp on his head.

097Rafe is dancing to music. His house is still decorated for Christmas!

088He’s also ready to slay some demons!

094I’m sure Ariana wouldn’t mind if you hated it!

149Go home, Evan, you’re drunk. Kain is your MORTAL ENEMY.

076Kain and Phil were jumping around Phil’s apartment.

003All that jumping wore Phil out!

005Aaron became an adult after this, so this is the last photo of him as a kid!

006Here he is, strutting his stuff and looking a lot like Evan.


008You’re not THAT much taller.

175Here’s Kain being his usual lazy self. Like his cowboy hat?

038Charlotte also became a grownup!

039She got a job…

040Went to a sophisticated restaurant…

041And totally acted like a kid. XD

135But now she has a crush on Gabi and Rafe’s son!

136She’s going to confess her feelings!

137She’s trying to bribe him with a veggie burger! Will it work?


139She’s determined to make him her boyfriend!

140So Colton sent Charles, his best friend, to break Charlotte’s heart! How cruel!

083And everyone keeps trying to set up Charles and Nina, but they want to remain friends for now.

And that’s the end of Part Fourteen! Will Charles and Nina become sweethearts? Will Charlotte find a new love interest, now that Colton cruelly rejected her not once, but twice? And did a certain couple just have another baby? Find out next week!

Also, don’t forget that I’ll be revealing the cover for THE SHADOW STEALER right here on the blog TOMORROW morning!

fakestealerHint: It won’t look like this.


2 thoughts on “Tomodachi Life: Part Fourteen

    • I’d never done that before either, but if you click the thought bubble over their head after they’ve been rejection, they might tell you that they want to try confessing again. Charlotte really wanted Colton to like her, I guess!

      I didn’t know about that option! Now I wish I’d done that with all of the Fitzgerald children. I don’t have any babies on the island right now, but I’ll definitely give the next one a trip!

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