Tomodachi Life: Part Fifteen

Part Fifteen is all about the Underwoods. Why?

051It’s baby time! I think they’re jealous of the Fitzgeralds and their five kids.

052Ahahaha! Look at that smirk!

053Claire Underwood. Nice.


001Don’t cry, Claire!

003Evan’s making her laugh.

006While Alex is relaxing at the cafe with… Charles?!

012That darn sombrero…

013I really can’t get over her smirk.


024She’s standing!

029She’s crying.

027She’s waving.

033 Mommy-daughter bonding.

035While Evan is hanging out in the snow with Rafe.

036Playing soccer!

045Happy family!


078Getting bigger.

081Ugh, the obscene hot dog costume is back.

083Now he’s in lederhosen!

084She’s such an Underwood.





096Like her dad!

097She’s entertaining her brother.

106Haha! That’s an enviable talent!

110The Underwood clan! From l to r-Evan and the sombrero, Charlotte, Aaron, Alex and Claire.

112King Tut is making an appearance.

113Dramatic background!

114Haha, I don’t even know what they’re doing in this one.

115Running on the beach.

116Being silly. Because that’s what being an Underwood means.

So what do you think of Evan and Alex’s family? Claire is a fun new addition, and I can’t wait to see who she becomes friends with. Until next time!

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