Tomodachi Life: Part Sixteen

Hello! Here we are again with this week’s installment of Tomodachi Life!


022Gabi and Rafe are jumping around like the nuts that they are. Good thing Gabi lives on the first floor or else her neighbors would complain about the noise!

031Melanie is asking me to take care of Colton. I feel like the Fitzgerald sisters are very protective of their brother.

049They must be really bored if they’re both yawning!

063I can’t take Kain seriously in that hat. Well, I can never take him seriously…

074Uh oh…

064Melanie invited Charles over to play with her dog.

109They’re spending a lot of time together.

132I mean, A LOT. Should I be worried?

070Wii party at Rafe’s house!

073Aww,that’s sweet.

174Ariana, that’s horrible! Rafe doesn’t need a cane yet!

157Hmm, what were YOU doing?

158Oh. Duh.

065I’ve never seen Ariana angry before. What the heck happened?!

066What did he do NOW?

067She went to apologize (I still say it was Evan’s fault!).

068Apology accepted!

069Phew. Friends again.

123Another Wii party at Rafe’s house. I think Gabi’s character just died. She looks pretty upset!

144Now Colton’s joined in on their jumping.

161Colton and Alex exercising together.

162The Underwood sisters hanging out at the cafe.

200Evan’s doing the hula.

209Ack! Evan, what’s wrong with your neck?!

260Yep. I agree.

160Whoa! Rafe is wearing armor!

176Rafe is literally Gabi’s knight in shining armor.

192Mrs. Gabi Claus is completely smitten with Sir Rafe.

261And of course Evan loves his new bear costume…

See you all next week for more fun!


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