Tomodachi Life: Part Seventeen

Another week, another installment of Tomodachi Life: Silver Moon Saga style.

004Because Nina having feelings for a Fitzgerald isn’t weird or awkward AT ALL.

005They went to the cafe.

006She acted all cute when she asked (she’s winking!).

007This is so weird…

010Nina’s happy!

011Hearts galore.

013That’s kind of adorable. Still weird, but also adorable.

033Meanwhile, Charles decided he had feelings for Riley, the fourth Fitzgerald kid. So he takes her to the cafe and sits in the booth next to… Rafe?! Is that such a good idea?

034Someone is confident… (Rafe is totally eavesdropping!)

035Ouch, burned!

036What the heck?! You better watch out, Rafe might beat you up for that!

037Never mind, Rafe is, as usual, distracted by Gabi. XD

038They’re splashing each other at the fountain.

032Did she read you THE SIGHT SEER? XD

049I can do that.

050No one is surprised he loves it.

051It’s not like she left or anything!

052Here we go. XD


054Nice handwriting?! XD

055Probably because you’re so high maintenance.

056This all sounds about right.

057Awwww! Please don’t ever stop, Gabi!

071🙂 Also, don’t you love her kimono?!

096How adorable do they look?

098I feel bad that I didn’t include Riley and Melanie. Oh well, next time!

065Nina visited Gabi and Rafe. Shouldn’t Colton be there?

072Gabi hanging out with Phil and Kain.

074Charles and Phil snoozing on the bench together.

095Look, it’s King Kain! Kain would just love to be king. He’d get to order Evan around (not that Evan would listen)!

061Ariana hanging out with the Underwood siblings.

089You probably spend the whole time yelling at him.

092Evan’s ready for the winter storm!

See you next week!


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