Tomodachi Life: Part Eighteen

Here we are, back for more Silver Moon Saga madness!

002Considering you’re the only one who wears a crown, KAIN, we can tell it’s you!

003Fine, Charles, don’t smile!

004Claire and Aaron are having a jam session on their guitars.

009Now Claire is hanging out with her daddy.

010It’s hard to tell, since Piper’s room is messy to begin with, but she and Charles are throwing stuff at each other. “Don’t hit on my sister!” she cried.

014Evan’s in a tux… and his sombrero.

016Gabi’s doing the hula with three of her four daughters.

017O_O I guess Rafe is… hot? Or maybe he’s ready for summer? He should really take down his Christmas decorations, though.

018 - CopyA little?

019 - CopyGabi and her knight are enjoying a cup of coffee.

022I guess that cat scratches, hence the armor…

021Now we know Evan snores!

029But he’s still totally sexy, right?

032I still think the Colton and Nina pairing is weird.

040Melanie is an avid reader!

042You better bring Evan with you…


049How can they be so adorable ALL the time?!

060They even making cooking look adorable! (I’m a little scared of Gabi wielding that knife, though.)

050Aww, Phil came to visit (or maybe to tell Rafe to take his decorations down!).

059Haha, I can totally picture that.

061Nina, Colton, and Charles hanging out. So weird…

081I’m glad you didn’t meet him sooner!

028And let’s end with the pirate, the dog, and Riley hanging out.

See you all next week!


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