Tomodachi Life: Part Nineteen

Folks, it is a sad, sad day over here in the Silver Moon Universe. I hate to post this the day after Valentine’s Day, too, but what can you do…

Turned on my 3Ds to discover some heartbreaking news:

053Evan, what are you talking about?

054Evan and Alex broke up!!!!!! NOOOO!


Okay, call me crazy, but this break up actually really upset me. 😦 Especially since I wasn’t able to fix it in time. I turned on the game and they’d gotten a divorce and the home they shared was gone. Evan was sitting in his apartment depressed while Alex…

058Alex is hanging out with Gabi and Rafe. She’s fine. Perfectly fine. Grr!

056I cheered Evan up. Gave him some new clothes, a new hat, and now he’s smiling again.

057I don’t blame him AT ALL for being bitter. Evan, I’m on your side!

064Are you KIDDING me, Alex?! You left your husband for your friend’s MUCH MUCH MUCH YOUNGER child?!

071Alex and another of my characters (from a different story!)  BOTH decided they had feelings for him! The entire time this is happening, I’m wondering, but what about Nina?!

072Colton turned them down because, guess what ladies, he’s TAKEN. By Nina. Who is a little scary and you probably shouldn’t be trying to steal her man. Just saying…

073They both fell over from shock.

088What?! Sheesh, I wish you had put this much effort into your MARRIAGE.

089I told her to forget about it.

090She was depressed after that, and I waited a little bit before cheering her up. Because I’m evil.

106For those worried, Evan is doing okay. Gabi is keeping him company.

113And Nina went to the beach with him to build a sandcastle.

The other Silver Moon couples are doing okay!

095See? Kain and Phil are fine!

098And Gabi and Rafe built a sandcastle… in the dark.

099Here we go again. XD

100Haha, true!

101Do you really want everyone to fall in love with her, Rafe?

102She’s not *that* kind…

103I… What? GABI does this?

104Awww! And she’s just as honored to have you as a husband. Now give her some chocolate!

So much drama! I’m angry with Alex for breaking Evan’s heart! Yes, there’s a chance they can make up, but I’m not counting on it, especially when Alex is into much younger men, apparently. 😛

See you all next week!


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