Tomodachi Life: Part Twenty

And we’re back with more Silver Moon fun!

116I gave Gabi a new dress, and she’s too adorable.

002If anyone is worried about Evan, don’t be. He’s back to flirting with all the girls.

005And these two are fine. Duh.

007Five babies later, and Rafe is still completely smitten.

008Aww, Nina, don’t put yourself down like that. XD

060Colton is a very concerned boyfriend.

011Claire is trying to be a good daughter.

012She also befriended Ariana.

013Meanwhile, Kain and Evan are hanging out. Yeah, there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write.

028Charlotte decided she had feelings for Charles.

030Haha, what a way to describe yourself! I bet Evan taught her that line!

031I wonder what he’ll say.


033She’s very determined.

034I think you’ll regret it if you try again.

035You’re wasting your money…

038Oh dear, Colton showed up instead of Charles (does anyone remember the exact same thing happening when Charlotte confessed to Colton, and Charles showed up?).

039I feel really bad for Charlotte. Everyone keeps rejecting her!

 040Yes, it is.

041She should be more like her dad, the big flirt.

043Who decided he wants to be a dinosaur. Why not?

042Phil and Kain invited Claire over.

044Colton is visiting his dad.

117You’re practically twins!

046Alex and Kain are playing soccer on the beach.

048Charlotte has bounced back and is devoting her energy toward being a good older sister!

049Gabi went on a picnic with her youngest.

054Later, the two cheered on Rafe as he played Nintendo Wii.

Not too much drama this week, which is a good thing! See you all next week for more fun!


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