Tomodachi Life: Part Twenty-one

The Saga may be over, but the Miis are still wreaking havoc! Let’s see what they’re up to this week…

055For some reason Charles (he’s the creep on the left hiding behind the newspaper) thought Evan and Melanie should start dating, so he set them up.

056Evan really dressed up for the date.

057And now Charles is stalking them outside the cafe. Alas, Melanie and Evan decided to be friends!

058No wonder you’re besties, Charles!

059Kain and Piper=BFFs. The Fitzgerald kids are popular!

061Now Charles and Riley are fighting!


064Kain and Phil are chilling.

065Gabi is hanging with Claire (and she brought her own dessert!).

066Charles is doing a magic show, and he picked Kain as a volunteer. I don’t think Kain should trust him… Something tells me Charles won’t put him back together!

069Evan’s back at the amusement park, this time with Gabi!

070Hi, Gabi!

075Riley loves her family.

081Yeah, like her having feelings for a much younger guy!

087Riley felt bad for fighting with Charles, so she came over to apologize.


089They made up!

090Aww, that’s sweet!

091And Rafe is working on his homework. “What a weirdo,” says Gabi. “Who does homework?”

A nice, drama free (mostly, anyway!) post. See you all next week!


2 thoughts on “Tomodachi Life: Part Twenty-one

  1. It’s spring in TL! There’s still snow outside here and it’s freezing and I turn on the game and the snow melted, ha. There are cute spring outfits, too, but too few!

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