Tomodachi Life: Part Twenty-two

And we’re back! What are the Silver Moon Miis up to now?

121What’s the matter, Gabi?

122How is that even possible? Kain is the most mellow person ever!
123She apologized.

124He did too! Phew!

133Now I’m curious!

134I guess Evan is bored. I can’t really tell.

136I think you’re a little obsessed…

140Gabi, don’t put yourself down!

141He probably liked that!

143It’s amazing that they’re STILL best friends.

146Oh dear, now Colton and Nina are fighting! They made up later!

159Evan and Melanie are ~dancing~

161Plane watching.

164That’s a huge difference.

166Good job, Evan.

167Gah, my eyes! Now Evan is dressing up as a banana!

001Rafe is SHOCKED that there’s a giant banana in his living room.

002Rafe reminds me at least once a day that he loves Gabi.

005Haha, Rafe is old?

008Ariana doesn’t seem bothered by Evan’s banana suit.

010You should also stop wearing such indecent outfits.

And here’s some group shots of the Silver Moon characters that I took for THE SHADOW STEALER’S release (I guess these are the “outtakes”?):


170Tossing Gabi in the air.


174The Shadow Stealer: The Movie. XD


2 thoughts on “Tomodachi Life: Part Twenty-two

  1. Those “professional” photo shoots, omg! XD

    I FINALLY had a child-sweetheart couple get married! She proposed as a kid and then asked me to make them adults, and boom, they got hitched!

    • I really like the last one, the movie poster. I don’t know what’s funnier; Phil and Kain flying toward one another in the background, or Charles’s giant head.

      I haven’t had an island-born couple yet! The kids keep going with my original characters.

      Did you get the shamrock hat yet? I gave it to Rafe, since he’s half-Irish! 🙂

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