Tomodachi Life: Part Twenty-three

Okay, who’s ready for some drama? I don’t know why, but my Miis have been acting strangely these past couple of weeks. I’m going to blame the weather…

Now, I didn’t take nearly enough photos, but I’ll do my best to fill in the blanks so you understand what happened. Are you ready?

070Things started innocently enough. Nina and Colton are hanging out at his apartment, and hearts are in the air.

072Colton even decides to shower for Nina. How considerate. 😛

096But what the heck?! Now they’re fighting!

097Nina apologizes.

098But Colton is still angry!

099Nina is bummed.

Realizing they’re in a bad place, the two try to mend things, but…


107They broke up!

After they broke up, I was treated to flashbacks from happier times, which included Colton chasing Nina at the beach in slow-mo, and the two of them declaring, “You make me super happy!” and “You make me super, super happy!” (and it seriously never ended. “You make me super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super happy” etc. It was too funny!). It was sad, and I felt bad that they weren’t able to salvage their relationship.

And then this happened:

101Someone heard Nina was single.

102Evan, she’s been single for less than FIVE MINUTES. There’s no way she’s going to say yes.




Evan saw an opportunity, and he seized it. If this new development wasn’t crazy enough…

115Colton and Alex went on a date.


118Now they’re a couple!

So the two couples switched partners! I guess I’m glad they’re happy, but this is bizarre.

050Oh, yeah, and this happened. Ariana and Charles. They barely spend any time together, so I don’t think they’re going to last.

047These two are fine.

048Evan’s now into the color pink.

049Alex is into younger guys.

039He might be?

078YES, we KNOW, Rafe. You tell us every chance you get!

091Seriously, you two. XD

065They went on a date.

009And then this happened! XD Baby number SIX!! (Seriously, is anyone surprised? I’m actually more amazed that it took them this long to have a sixth baby!)

010Another girl!

011Such a beautiful name!! (I just looked it up, and it’s actually “Heaven” spelled backwards!)


015Rafe, try and focus on something else, okay? XD Also, who likes his hat?

024They took Nevaeh to the beach.

026Relaxing in the sun.

052Gabi stole the blankets, and poor Rafe was shivering in his sleep! (He’s so cold, he wore his slippers to bed!)

030Ignoring Nevaeh as she stands for the first time.


041Melanie, who is no longer the baby of the family, came to see her sister.

054Making plans for baby number seven. XD

056Enjoying the nice weather.

059All grown up! And apparently she’s the brains of the Fitzgerald family.

060Hanging out with her sister.

069Now they’re staring at the ceiling.

064And then there were eight.



068Love this family!

See you next week!


2 thoughts on “Tomodachi Life: Part Twenty-three

  1. XD The partner swap, omg! XD (And NINA, Rafe?! NINA?! And Alex finally got the young man she dumped her husband for, lol!)

    Another girl?! SIX babies?! I thought they maxed at 5 since I have two couples with 5 but no more. XD

    • After, I looked up their compatibility, and Nina and Colton were only 4% compatible, so I’m amazed they got together in the first place, and stayed together as long as they did! Alex and Colton have a high compatibility, but so did Alex and Evan, so I don’t trust that. The Nina and Evan pairing is SO WEIRD. Whenever I see them hanging out with the little hearts over their heads, I don’t know what to think. I honestly thought she’d turn him down when he asked her out! I love how he swooped in the moment she was single, like he’d been harboring these feelings and finally had his chance to act on them!

      Yeah, they’re really good at making girl babies. I feel bad that Colton is the only boy, but I let the game decide as usual (I may have changed Nevaeh’s hair, though… XD). I’d read online about a couple with six babies, so I was hoping Gabi and Rafe would have another one. It’s been a few months, though! Imagine if they have a seventh one? XD

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