Tomodachi Life: Part Twenty-four

And we’re back! Sadly, no drama this time. I mean, I don’t like it when couples break up, but it does make for a more interesting post!

017Gabi’s exercising with Rafe, Charles, and Melanie.

018Rafe’s boring Nina (she’s yawning!).

021No, don’t get sick, Rafe! You definitely can’t count on Gabi to take care of you. XD

022Oh, Kain. XD

035Gabi and Charles are fighting. What else is new.

050I guess Rafe thinks he’s a dog?

052Gabi’s watching TV with Phil and Kain.

053Riley and Charlotte are hanging out.

066That is pretty heroic.

071Despite everything, Aaron is still a fan of Alex.


087Claire has a strawberry hat.

108Now Claire is hanging out with her dad and his… girlfriend (yeah, it’s still weird to think of them as a couple!).

109I would think it would scares adults, too!

003Nina’s a fairy.

004How romantic. Colton and Alex are exercising together.

008Now I really want to know what happened!

018Colton likes his blankie.

028Ariana’s enjoying the sunset.

042Ha, I can totally picture Kain sleeping like this. Where’s Phil’s space, Kain?!

043Evan’s snoozing on the park bench.

057Gabi’s not really listening to you.

See you all next week!


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