Tomodachi Life: Part Twenty-six

And we’re back! I skipped last week because of the YA Scavenger Hunt (I hope you had fun playing! And that you saw the bonus scene from THE SOUL HEALER!), so now we have some catching up to do.

Last time Rafe said this…


Why would he say that? 😀


Yes, folks, Gabi and Rafe had another baby. For those of you who’ve lost count (I don’t blame you if have), this is number SEVEN. THEY HAVE SEVEN KIDS. WHAT IS GOING ON?! (Oh, and yeah, Gabi has purple hair now. XD)

069FINALLY, another boy!071They named him Lucas. 😀

070He’s basically a mini-Rafe. XD

072They’re really cute.

073Admiring their little boy.

078Gabi love snapping photos of Lucas!

079They took him to China! Whoa!



082Your giant heads are blocking the panda. XD

106Back home, Lucas is starting to crawl.112Lucas is being fussy.


114I love how Rafe is sitting there, giving Gabi pointers. (This would never happen! Gabi would be the one sitting at the table, stuffing her face with chocolate cake as Rafe took care of Lucas.)

115He’s getting bigger!

001Playing with his blocks.

003Aww! Rafe, don’t worry. You’re a great dad!


005Love his tux. XD

013I’m sure they’re watching a baseball game.

016They’re so alike, they could be brothers!

018Heh, Lucas looks shocked. Wonder what they’re watching?

028Letting Lucas run around the house while they stare at each other. XD

029All grown up!

030If you’ve ever wondered what Rafe looked like as a kid, here you go. He’s so adorable!

031And Ariana, Colton, Riley, Melanie, and Nevaeh! XD

059Rafe and his youngest. 😀

060Twins. I swear they’re twins!

032With seven kids, Rafe has finally gotten his wish. His family is now big enough to be a baseball team. He bought them all baseball jerseys. XD



035They’re at the stadium, ready to play! XD

036Gabi and Rafe renewed their vows in their jerseys. XD



039Gabi is their leader.

040Nine Fitzgeralds.

So, were you surprised that they had another baby? Probably not. XD I laughed so hard when they told me they wanted to have another one. Apparently six wasn’t enough! Who knows, maybe they’ll have another one. With these two, it’s entirely possible. XD

See you next week!


2 thoughts on “Tomodachi Life: Part Twenty-six

  1. Maybe they were trying for another boy? Omg… XD I haven’t had more than 5 for a couple yet! The baseball team pics were priceless! And I totally need to send new parents on a vacation; I’ve never seen them take a baby on a vacation!

    • Ha, maybe! Or maybe they just want to fill the world with Fitzgerald babies.

      You were the one that told me to give them travel tickets when they had a baby! Unless you meant when the child was a toddler? You never tried with a baby? I think it’s cute, although it’s better when it’s a toddler because then he/she will pose in the pictures. XD

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