Tomodachi Life: Part Twenty-seven

Here we are again! Who’s ready for more Silver Moon madness?

086So Alex dumped Evan, asked Colton out and was rejected, but eventually she and Colton got together. Now she wants to marry him!

087They’re waiting for the train.

088Hint, hint.


090She’s about to pop the question! (I love how both Rafe and Aaron are present for this.)

091She asked him!

092He said yes! XD

094I hope this one lasts…




098Alex’s three kids are in attendance.

100But there was only room for two of Colton’s siblings. XD

102They went on a safari! (Isn’t this where Alex and Evan went on their honeymoon? I can’t remember, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was!)




042Here they are, at the beach.

107I’d watch out if I were you. She’s into younger guys, and you have a little brother now… XD

068Evan (yes, that’s Evan) is reminiscing. Will Colton meet the same fate?

043Meanwhile, Charles is still being creepy…

044But Ariana loves him, so I guess I’m happy for them?

045They went to Japan!



066Later on, Charles saw a mouse and was NOT happy.

080But despite being a wuss around rodents, he treats Ariana well.

027Nevaeh digs the older people.

026Nina’s a born star.

048She’s exercising with Evan.

049Lucas is worried he doesn’t have much in common with one of his sisters. Don’t worry, you have, like, fifteen more to hang out with! XD

050Words of wisdom (?) from Rafe.

051THAT IS AWFUL. If someone destroyed my book, I’d go bananas.

054Charlotte and Aaron are different. But different is good, isn’t it?

055Melanie is scaring me.

057(I think you mean you knew you were going to hit him.)

058Piper took her baby brother to the cafe for lunch.

067Kain, you’re a weirdo.

071Rafe and Gabi are playing soccer.

075Evan’s popular. Or so he claims!

079Does Lucas have a crush?

069Aww, that’s so sweet!

083HAHA!! Colton thinks Gabi is weird. XD

070Okay, maybe she’s a little weird.

056XD She was in a great mood Easter Sunday, probably thinking about all the chocolate rabbits she was going to eat.

See you all next week for more fun!


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