Tomodachi Life: Part Twenty-eight

And we’re back again. Let’s focus on some of the island babies this week, okay?

009Aaron, Evan and Alex’s third child, got married to another island baby! Her name is Skylar.

012On their honeymoon.



053And not too long after getting married, they had a baby! Yes, this means Evan and Alex are now grandparents.

076Taylor is very cute!

105Piper, the eldest Fitzgerald kid, also got married to one of my original characters. He’s a wizard.

112Yeah, you really don’t want to wake him…




And a few months later…

081They had a baby! A boy, named Sebastian. Now Gabi and Rafe are grandparents!

082Exhausted family.

001Evan came to visit Sebastian.

013Playing with his blocks while Mom cooks.

015They took him to China!



018Isn’t he adorable?! He reminds me of his grandpa Rafe and his uncle Lucas! In fact…

019Three generations. 😀

020Gabi said she needed to be in the photo too. XD

022Lucas is a super cutie. And he’s always in the best mood when I visit him!

046Piper is a semi-concerned mom.

024Melanie and Lucas at the fountain.

010Aaron loves Alex.

004Nina wants to discuss Evan. Okay, this should be interesting.


006Who are you dating? Evan’s a HUGE slob!


008He has no taste buds, I guess.



041Again: Aww!

047Melanie?? What are you doing?!

048He’s got a sweetheart!

049Emma, another island baby, just confessed too!
050Riley?! Now she’s confessed! But he’s with Nina, there’s no way–

051Oh crap. He just dumped Nina for Melanie. 😦

055That wasn’t even the first time Melanie confessed to Evan. Here she is, a few weeks ago, asking him to be her cuddlefish. XD

056Riley rose from the sea to confess too!

057Again, all three girls are fighting over him.


059But back then he turned them down!

060And they all collapsed. But they weren’t to be deterred, as we now know. Why is Evan so popular?! It must be that grass skirt (or the sombrero.).

052Farewell to this adorable couple. 😦

005I hear ya, Nina. He’s a heart breaker.

Because I don’t want to end this post on that unhappy note (seriously, that was really horrible, Evan!), here’s a photo of Gabi making a funny face for me:


See you all next week!


2 thoughts on “Tomodachi Life: Part Twenty-eight

    • That’s why I have a list with the couples and the names of their children! I’ve forgotten the names of some of them time to time!

      Evan is a jerk! I was really mad at him for dumping Nina like that, especially since he barely spends any time with Melanie! He isn’t very compatible with either of them, so I don’t expect this relationship to last, just like I didn’t expect him to last with Nina…

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