Tomodachi Life: Part Twenty-nine

And we’re back. I’m sure NO ONE will be surprised by this week’s installment… XD

003Gabi and Rafe just had their EIGHTH child. EIGHT BABIES. EIGHT!!!!!! I can’t believe this. XD

004It’s another boy! I love how all the boys look exactly like Rafe. XD

005They named him Ethan! 😀

006Will this be the last Fitzgerald baby?! (Probably not!)


009Even after eight babies, you guys still suck at this. XD

011Daddy spending time with his son.

012Which one?! (He probably means Ethan.)

013Gabi’s so happy.

021His hair grew in.





035Ethan was fussing, so Phil came over to try and cheer him up, but it didn’t work…

Words of wisdom from the dad of eight.

039“Sure, Rafe, let’s let Ethan run around the house unsupervised as we make plans for baby number nine!”

040You just insulted your seven other kids…

043They took him to China, the same place they took Lucas!

044What’s with that pose, Gabi?

045Rafe looks so cool. XD

050All grown up!

054Rafe and his boys!

055You can only fit nine people at a time in a photo, so Gabi’s missing. XD


057There’s Gabi!






So, were you surprised? Or do you just expect a new baby each week? I seriously, one hundred percent thought they were done (I thought they were done after five!), but now I’m looking forward to baby number nine. XD The entire island is going to be taken over by Fitzgeralds!

See you next week!


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