Tomodachi Life Part Thirty-one

Hello, hello! How is everyone doing today? It’s time for the 31st installment of Tomodachi Life!

016 - CopyNow if you remember, Evan dumped Nina for Melanie, one of the Fitzgerald babies. They haven’t been dating for very long, but Melanie wants to get married!

017 - CopyShe took him to a fireworks show (same place Gabi proposed to Rafe!).

018 - CopyDoes Evan know what’s about to happen?

019 - Copy

020 - CopyMaking small talk.

021 - CopyMelanie knows flattery is the best way to win Evan’s heart.

022 - CopyIs he embarrassed? (Highly doubtful!)

023 - CopyHere it comes!

024 - CopyWill you, Evan?

025 - CopyHe will!

026 - CopyHere he is, at his second wedding.

027 - CopyDo Rafe and Gabi approve of this marriage?

028 - Copy

029 - Copy

030 - CopySuch a typical Evan pose.

031 - Copy

032 - CopyWhy are you talking about Alex?! You’re a married man now, Evan, so concentrate on your new wife, Melanie!

040He’s still a giant flirt. Like his wig?

042It’s so spooky when they act exactly like their book counterparts.

047Here are the newlyweds watching TV.

060Riding the Ferris wheel.

061Weird, but okay. If you say so. Did you fight in your past life, too?

So, do you think this marriage will last (will there be Underwood-Fitzgerald babies?!), or will Evan be dumped again? With Evan, who knows?


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