Tomodachi Life: Part Thirty-two

Still no new Fitzgerald baby (ha!), but the Miis have still found ways to entertain me!

009 - CopyGabi’s sightseeing (did you see what I did there? XD) with her bff, Evan the Pirate.

010 - CopyPiper loves her baby brother.

011 - CopySpeaking of Ethan, here he is hanging out with his siblings, Nevaeh and Lucas.

015 - CopyReally, Rafe? We had no idea you liked her.

035All they do is stare at each other…

039“Let’s go to the fountain and stare at each other!”

044At the beach, NOT staring at each other (wow!).

001Rafe happily cooking for Gabi while she sits and waits to be served. XD

036Don’t give Gabi a bellyache!

037It’s good when you’re older, not when you’re seventeen. XD

057Uh-oh, Alex is hanging out with Lucas. Is she going to leave Colton for the younger Fitzgerald boy?

023I hope Colton isn’t in for a huge disappointment.

003Really? But she said you were the best thing that ever happened to her! XD

002Melanie and Evan invited their nephew Sebastian over.

046Here’s Ariana and Charles at the beach.

048Splashing in the water.

004Oh! Creepy Charles is finally going to pop the question!










014She said yes!

015The happy couple.


018They went to Tahiti.


020I love their matching poses.

022And here they are, relaxing at home. And yes, Charles is wearing his giant shrimp hat again. How romantic…?

Another Fitzgerald baby is married off! That’s four down, four to go! XD


One thought on “Tomodachi Life: Part Thirty-two

  1. I just realized there’s an extra creepy reason Charles married Arianna here… XD But spoilers! It’s just that she’s related to someone who was once a big part of his life…

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