Tomodachi Life: Part Thirty-four

I didn’t post last week, simply because nothing has been going on with my Miis. They’ve all turned into boring married couples. XD Where’s the drama? Where are the babies?!

001See what I mean? They’re so boring, they put themselves to sleep!

002“Some family.” Everywhere you look, there’s a Fitzgerald!

003Here they are, gathered for a 3DS tournament.

004Gabi’s baby is strong like his dad!

005Both Rafe and Gabi are thinking about Ethan lately!

006I find this funny because Melanie is married, but she still thinks of herself as a kid? Gabi is really proud that Melanie wants to be just like her, though.

007Naturally. 😉

008Evan’s ready to go swimming. XD

009Rafe looks like a private investigator. And “hunky dory?” XD

010Melanie just realized that her husband (Evan) is dressed up like a giant robot.

011And now Evan is a mermaid. He LOVES that costume. XD

012Melanie REALLY doesn’t think she’s a grown up. And she really wants to be like Gabi! 😀

013Fitzgerald sisters hanging out.

014Me neither, bud.

015The special item this month is a wedding dress, so I gave Gabi a purple one to match her hair. And Rafe is in his tux. Don’t they look adorable?

016She looks like a princess!

017At the beach.

018And let’s not forget that it’s Father’s Day! Here’s Evan with his three kids! (Yes, he’s still a mermaid.)

019And Rafe with his 52 kids.

021Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

See you all in two weeks, unless something major happens with the Miis (I doubt it)!


Tomodachi Life: Part Thirty-three

Because of BEA, I was too busy to update last week, but we’re back again for more fun!

003 - CopyYou’re doing it wrong.

005 - CopyGabi and Evan are running around like the nuts that they are (and yep, they’re STILL best friends!).

006 - CopyNina’s crazy bendy.

010Charlotte came to visit her mom and stepdad (who is younger than her.).

011Colton has something to tell Rafe.


013Rafe is shocked!

014Oh, Colton is just playing a joke.

016Gabi and Rafe are enjoying the sunshine.

019Is this a good or bad thing??? More importantly, does this mean Rafe loves chocolate now?


0218 kids later and you still can’t believe it? XD

022Kain and Phil are cuties.

023Ethan’s a fan of planes!

024Ethan and Colton look like twins! (They’re playing baseball.)

025I’m sorry, were you saying something?

026Evan and Melanie are plane watching.

028Don’t say Rafe never treated you.

030Alex is still thinking about Evan…

031Charles and Rafe are studying together. Let’s not forget that Rafe is Charles’s father-in-law.

032Doing stretches with Nevaeh.

033I’m sure you will!

035The happy couple is taking a walk in the park.

037Gabi loves Rafe so much she’s even willing to exercise with him. (She’s also totally checking out his butt.)

038I’m pretty sure it’s all hearts and unicorns with you two.

039Alex is visiting Charles and Ariana.

040Taking a breather.

041Playing tennis!

042Favorite parts=desserts.

044Ariana and Alex got into a fight!


046What do you talk about? Chocolate? Demons? Your 8 kids?

So there you have it. Gabi loves Rafe, Rafe loves Gabi, and the other Silver Moon Miis are all off doing their things. They may be boring, but they’re happy!

See you next week!


Tomodachi Life: Part Thirty-two

Still no new Fitzgerald baby (ha!), but the Miis have still found ways to entertain me!

009 - CopyGabi’s sightseeing (did you see what I did there? XD) with her bff, Evan the Pirate.

010 - CopyPiper loves her baby brother.

011 - CopySpeaking of Ethan, here he is hanging out with his siblings, Nevaeh and Lucas.

015 - CopyReally, Rafe? We had no idea you liked her.

035All they do is stare at each other…

039“Let’s go to the fountain and stare at each other!”

044At the beach, NOT staring at each other (wow!).

001Rafe happily cooking for Gabi while she sits and waits to be served. XD

036Don’t give Gabi a bellyache!

037It’s good when you’re older, not when you’re seventeen. XD

057Uh-oh, Alex is hanging out with Lucas. Is she going to leave Colton for the younger Fitzgerald boy?

023I hope Colton isn’t in for a huge disappointment.

003Really? But she said you were the best thing that ever happened to her! XD

002Melanie and Evan invited their nephew Sebastian over.

046Here’s Ariana and Charles at the beach.

048Splashing in the water.

004Oh! Creepy Charles is finally going to pop the question!










014She said yes!

015The happy couple.


018They went to Tahiti.


020I love their matching poses.

022And here they are, relaxing at home. And yes, Charles is wearing his giant shrimp hat again. How romantic…?

Another Fitzgerald baby is married off! That’s four down, four to go! XD


Tomodachi Life Part Thirty-one

Hello, hello! How is everyone doing today? It’s time for the 31st installment of Tomodachi Life!

016 - CopyNow if you remember, Evan dumped Nina for Melanie, one of the Fitzgerald babies. They haven’t been dating for very long, but Melanie wants to get married!

017 - CopyShe took him to a fireworks show (same place Gabi proposed to Rafe!).

018 - CopyDoes Evan know what’s about to happen?

019 - Copy

020 - CopyMaking small talk.

021 - CopyMelanie knows flattery is the best way to win Evan’s heart.

022 - CopyIs he embarrassed? (Highly doubtful!)

023 - CopyHere it comes!

024 - CopyWill you, Evan?

025 - CopyHe will!

026 - CopyHere he is, at his second wedding.

027 - CopyDo Rafe and Gabi approve of this marriage?

028 - Copy

029 - Copy

030 - CopySuch a typical Evan pose.

031 - Copy

032 - CopyWhy are you talking about Alex?! You’re a married man now, Evan, so concentrate on your new wife, Melanie!

040He’s still a giant flirt. Like his wig?

042It’s so spooky when they act exactly like their book counterparts.

047Here are the newlyweds watching TV.

060Riding the Ferris wheel.

061Weird, but okay. If you say so. Did you fight in your past life, too?

So, do you think this marriage will last (will there be Underwood-Fitzgerald babies?!), or will Evan be dumped again? With Evan, who knows?


Tomodachi Life: Part Thirty

Woohoo, we’ve reached entry number thirty in this crazy series! I hope you’ve enjoyed all the installments so far! So what’s happening this week? No new Fitzgerald baby, but…

001Aaron and his wife Skylar had another baby, which means Evan and Alex now have a second granddaughter!

002She’s cute!

008Here she is with her big sister Taylor!

028Speaking of Alex, she just had to brag about her husband!

029Strong features. XD



032Alex is in looooove.

032Watching TV with her wonderful hubby.

033Is this sweet, or just creepy? You decide.

036Haha, Kain, what the heck are you watching on TV?

015Having been dumped by Evan, Nina decided she likes Charles!

016He stood her up! I mean, I know he’s dating Nina’s best friend, Ariana, but that’s still rude!

017Nina’s going to give it another try!

018She’s bribing him with a slice of watermelon. XD

019Nope. He won’t give up Ariana for a slice of watermelon.

020No, Claire, I had no idea.

022Evan and Melanie went on a date.

023Riley and another island baby started going out!

030Nevaeh stands up for the little guy.

031Kain has a keen sense of smell.

038Charles is a jerk. XD

041Now Evan and Melanie are jamming on their guitars.

051And splashing each other at the fountain.

065And staring at one another. They’re really happy together!

That’s all for this week! Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! I wonder how many gifts Gabi’s going to get from her 23408234 children! XD And how much of that will be chocolate!


Tomodachi Life: Part Twenty-nine

And we’re back. I’m sure NO ONE will be surprised by this week’s installment… XD

003Gabi and Rafe just had their EIGHTH child. EIGHT BABIES. EIGHT!!!!!! I can’t believe this. XD

004It’s another boy! I love how all the boys look exactly like Rafe. XD

005They named him Ethan! 😀

006Will this be the last Fitzgerald baby?! (Probably not!)


009Even after eight babies, you guys still suck at this. XD

011Daddy spending time with his son.

012Which one?! (He probably means Ethan.)

013Gabi’s so happy.

021His hair grew in.





035Ethan was fussing, so Phil came over to try and cheer him up, but it didn’t work…

Words of wisdom from the dad of eight.

039“Sure, Rafe, let’s let Ethan run around the house unsupervised as we make plans for baby number nine!”

040You just insulted your seven other kids…

043They took him to China, the same place they took Lucas!

044What’s with that pose, Gabi?

045Rafe looks so cool. XD

050All grown up!

054Rafe and his boys!

055You can only fit nine people at a time in a photo, so Gabi’s missing. XD


057There’s Gabi!






So, were you surprised? Or do you just expect a new baby each week? I seriously, one hundred percent thought they were done (I thought they were done after five!), but now I’m looking forward to baby number nine. XD The entire island is going to be taken over by Fitzgeralds!

See you next week!


Tomodachi Life: Part Twenty-eight

And we’re back again. Let’s focus on some of the island babies this week, okay?

009Aaron, Evan and Alex’s third child, got married to another island baby! Her name is Skylar.

012On their honeymoon.



053And not too long after getting married, they had a baby! Yes, this means Evan and Alex are now grandparents.

076Taylor is very cute!

105Piper, the eldest Fitzgerald kid, also got married to one of my original characters. He’s a wizard.

112Yeah, you really don’t want to wake him…




And a few months later…

081They had a baby! A boy, named Sebastian. Now Gabi and Rafe are grandparents!

082Exhausted family.

001Evan came to visit Sebastian.

013Playing with his blocks while Mom cooks.

015They took him to China!



018Isn’t he adorable?! He reminds me of his grandpa Rafe and his uncle Lucas! In fact…

019Three generations. 😀

020Gabi said she needed to be in the photo too. XD

022Lucas is a super cutie. And he’s always in the best mood when I visit him!

046Piper is a semi-concerned mom.

024Melanie and Lucas at the fountain.

010Aaron loves Alex.

004Nina wants to discuss Evan. Okay, this should be interesting.


006Who are you dating? Evan’s a HUGE slob!


008He has no taste buds, I guess.



041Again: Aww!

047Melanie?? What are you doing?!

048He’s got a sweetheart!

049Emma, another island baby, just confessed too!
050Riley?! Now she’s confessed! But he’s with Nina, there’s no way–

051Oh crap. He just dumped Nina for Melanie. 😦

055That wasn’t even the first time Melanie confessed to Evan. Here she is, a few weeks ago, asking him to be her cuddlefish. XD

056Riley rose from the sea to confess too!

057Again, all three girls are fighting over him.


059But back then he turned them down!

060And they all collapsed. But they weren’t to be deterred, as we now know. Why is Evan so popular?! It must be that grass skirt (or the sombrero.).

052Farewell to this adorable couple. 😦

005I hear ya, Nina. He’s a heart breaker.

Because I don’t want to end this post on that unhappy note (seriously, that was really horrible, Evan!), here’s a photo of Gabi making a funny face for me:


See you all next week!


Tomodachi Life: Part Twenty-seven

Here we are again! Who’s ready for more Silver Moon madness?

086So Alex dumped Evan, asked Colton out and was rejected, but eventually she and Colton got together. Now she wants to marry him!

087They’re waiting for the train.

088Hint, hint.


090She’s about to pop the question! (I love how both Rafe and Aaron are present for this.)

091She asked him!

092He said yes! XD

094I hope this one lasts…




098Alex’s three kids are in attendance.

100But there was only room for two of Colton’s siblings. XD

102They went on a safari! (Isn’t this where Alex and Evan went on their honeymoon? I can’t remember, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was!)




042Here they are, at the beach.

107I’d watch out if I were you. She’s into younger guys, and you have a little brother now… XD

068Evan (yes, that’s Evan) is reminiscing. Will Colton meet the same fate?

043Meanwhile, Charles is still being creepy…

044But Ariana loves him, so I guess I’m happy for them?

045They went to Japan!



066Later on, Charles saw a mouse and was NOT happy.

080But despite being a wuss around rodents, he treats Ariana well.

027Nevaeh digs the older people.

026Nina’s a born star.

048She’s exercising with Evan.

049Lucas is worried he doesn’t have much in common with one of his sisters. Don’t worry, you have, like, fifteen more to hang out with! XD

050Words of wisdom (?) from Rafe.

051THAT IS AWFUL. If someone destroyed my book, I’d go bananas.

054Charlotte and Aaron are different. But different is good, isn’t it?

055Melanie is scaring me.

057(I think you mean you knew you were going to hit him.)

058Piper took her baby brother to the cafe for lunch.

067Kain, you’re a weirdo.

071Rafe and Gabi are playing soccer.

075Evan’s popular. Or so he claims!

079Does Lucas have a crush?

069Aww, that’s so sweet!

083HAHA!! Colton thinks Gabi is weird. XD

070Okay, maybe she’s a little weird.

056XD She was in a great mood Easter Sunday, probably thinking about all the chocolate rabbits she was going to eat.

See you all next week for more fun!


Tomodachi Life: Part Twenty-six

And we’re back! I skipped last week because of the YA Scavenger Hunt (I hope you had fun playing! And that you saw the bonus scene from THE SOUL HEALER!), so now we have some catching up to do.

Last time Rafe said this…


Why would he say that? 😀


Yes, folks, Gabi and Rafe had another baby. For those of you who’ve lost count (I don’t blame you if have), this is number SEVEN. THEY HAVE SEVEN KIDS. WHAT IS GOING ON?! (Oh, and yeah, Gabi has purple hair now. XD)

069FINALLY, another boy!071They named him Lucas. 😀

070He’s basically a mini-Rafe. XD

072They’re really cute.

073Admiring their little boy.

078Gabi love snapping photos of Lucas!

079They took him to China! Whoa!



082Your giant heads are blocking the panda. XD

106Back home, Lucas is starting to crawl.112Lucas is being fussy.


114I love how Rafe is sitting there, giving Gabi pointers. (This would never happen! Gabi would be the one sitting at the table, stuffing her face with chocolate cake as Rafe took care of Lucas.)

115He’s getting bigger!

001Playing with his blocks.

003Aww! Rafe, don’t worry. You’re a great dad!


005Love his tux. XD

013I’m sure they’re watching a baseball game.

016They’re so alike, they could be brothers!

018Heh, Lucas looks shocked. Wonder what they’re watching?

028Letting Lucas run around the house while they stare at each other. XD

029All grown up!

030If you’ve ever wondered what Rafe looked like as a kid, here you go. He’s so adorable!

031And Ariana, Colton, Riley, Melanie, and Nevaeh! XD

059Rafe and his youngest. 😀

060Twins. I swear they’re twins!

032With seven kids, Rafe has finally gotten his wish. His family is now big enough to be a baseball team. He bought them all baseball jerseys. XD



035They’re at the stadium, ready to play! XD

036Gabi and Rafe renewed their vows in their jerseys. XD



039Gabi is their leader.

040Nine Fitzgeralds.

So, were you surprised that they had another baby? Probably not. XD I laughed so hard when they told me they wanted to have another one. Apparently six wasn’t enough! Who knows, maybe they’ll have another one. With these two, it’s entirely possible. XD

See you next week!


Tomodachi Life: Part Twenty-five

Welcome back! Who’s ready for more Silver Moon craziness?


Ariana, Nina, Gabi, and Evan are playing the Wii, but it looks like Gabi and Evan are completely ignoring the game so they could gossip!


Nevaeh is too smart and often misunderstood.

003Ariana and Nina (remember, they’re besties) are hanging out in the park.

005On March 16th, Gabi’s Mii knew it was her birthday. 🙂

007Evan loves dancing with the Fitzgerald girls.

016That does sound like something Evan would dream about.

018Rafe is possessive of Alex.

019That’s because Kain is mellow.

021Evan’s a proud father!

022Phil’s going to start training with his dad.

023Gabi’s using gingerbread cake to transform into a superhero.

024She’s a knight!

025How many talking dogs have you met, Gabi? XD

027Kain and Phil went to the amusement park. Seems like just one of them is enjoying the roller coaster.

028And junk. XD

031That’s kinda gross, Charles.

032Kain let Evan into his house. Weird.

033Nothing will!

034Ooookay. If you say so!

035Don’t keep Gabi waiting!

037Especially if it’s chocolate!

041Evan LOVES his new grass skirt.

043Nina loves it too!

045It’s good for dancing.

046Sigh. She’s so in love with it.

044Ariana and Charles are lovey-dovey too.

042I wish it was spring here!

047Anyone like Kain’s king costume? (Phil does!)

051Only sometimes? XD

052Gabi has things to do.

054Rafe is hanging out with his youngest at the beach.

062Evan and Aaron are splashing each other at the fountain.

063The fact that you’re much younger than her? XD

064Charles is shy. XD

065Protective eldest sister.

066Not really that Evan’s super-manly, or not really that he eats rocks for breakfast? XD


Hmmm. I wonder what Rafe is talking about? All will be revealed in Part Twenty-six! 😀