Run and Touch the Sky has arrived!

It’s release day again! I can’t believe this is my tenth book! Thank you to everyone who’s been with me through this amazing journey, starting with THE SIGHT SEER back in 2013.

Run and Touch the Sky Cover

Today it’s all about RUN AND TOUCH THE SKY, a book that is very dear to me. As much as I struggled with this book, I’m proud with the end result, and I hope you enjoy it, too!

Purchase the ebook on Amazon! (Print coming soon!)

Again, this is a novella, which means it’s not part of the main story which features Irina as the narrator, but this book, like BY THE MORNING LIGHT, is very, very important to the Smoke and Mirrors series. In fact, a character introduced in RATTS (like that abbreviation?) is probably the most important character in the whole series (well, Irina is pretty important, too 😉 )! You can read this one on its own, but I strongly suggest reading the story in the order they were released:

  1. The Fading Dusk
  2. The Burning Chaos
  3. By the Morning Light
  4. The Whispering Echoes
  5. Run and Touch the Sky
  6. ???????????? (coming 2018!)

Yes, this is the penultimate book in the Smoke and Mirrors series. It’s almost over! But until then, I hope you enjoy Nerine’s story and RUN AND TOUCH THE SKY.


Blog Interview!

Today I was interviewed by my agency-brother, Seth Z. Herman! Check out the interview to find out more about The Sight Seer, my writing process, and what’s next for the Seer world! And be sure to check out the rest of Seth’s great blog while you’re there! 🙂

And don’t forget, you can still enter to win a signed paperback copy of The Sight Seer (open internationally)! The contest runs until June 28th, don’t miss out!


Book Birthday Weekend

BalloonCelebrated my book’s birthday this weekend. I got a balloon!

006 (Medium)004 (Medium)

005 (Medium)008 (Medium)















And so many beautiful flowers! Some of these (the two pictures on the right) are from my grandpa’s garden, wow!

I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone for tweeting, blogging, posting, commenting, buying, and reading The Sight Seer. It means the absolute world to me, and also inspires me to work even harder on my next projects. *squishes everyone*

Make sure you enter for a chance to win a signed paperback copy!


To My Fellow Readers.

Lately, I’ve been wanting to read more YA Contemporary. I don’t know where this feeling came from; I think it’s partly series fatigue (as in, I’m in the middle of reading 32098324 series and I just want a stand-alone every now and again, you know?), and partly guilt for ignoring this genre for so long. When I pick new novels to read, I always gravitate towards historical, fantasy, fairy-tales, paranormals, or dystopians. I like magic and swords and all that fun stuff, but it’s time for a change. Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about what’s out there, which is why I’m calling for YOU, fellow bloggers, to recommend some titles. Tell me anything because chances are, I probably haven’t read it.

Come on, throw some titles my way!


A New Beginning.

Just a quick note to let you all know that my lovely agent, Brittany Booker, has launched The Booker Albert Literary Agency! They are accepting queries, so check them out to see if your manuscript matches their interests.

I’ve also been getting quite a bit of traffic thanks to their site, so hello to everyone who’s been dropping by! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about writing, querying, or any of that fun stuff, and I’ll do my best to answer.


Yes, I’m still here. Promise.

Hello all! Sorry for the silence, but when I’m in the middle of a project, I tend to go MIA. I don’t enjoy staring at the computer screen for too long, and once I finish the day’s writing my brain is usually mush, so I walk away and do something else. But the WIP is coming along! It’s 25000 words, and I don’t think I’m even halfway done. I figured out a ton of stuff Tuesday night and then again Wednesday morning during a long commute, and I’m really excited to get it written! Hopefully the first draft won’t be too long, but I already know I can cut some stuff from the beginning, so I’m not overly worried. I’ve had a feel difficult spots (rewrote one scene three times before I finally got it right!), and a difficult character, but I’m loving every moment of it, and that’s all that matters!

In other news, one of my oldest friends (seriously, we’ve known each other since we were two!) got himself a wordpress page, so definitely stop by and say hello!


Hello world!

Hello world, indeed. Well, here it is, my new blog on wordpress. When I was told I needed to make a blog, I wasn’t sure what, exactly, I needed to do, but my lovely friends all suggested wordpress. So here I am! I’m quite pleased with how easy it is to use for those of us who are HTML-impared. And it comes with so many pretty themes! It took me awhile to finally settle on this one. I’m a fan of bright, colorful things, so this was perfect for me.

This blog will mostly be about either writing or books. I won’t have a set schedule for posting, but I will try to be as active as possible!

Thanks for reading!