Cover Reveal for The Shadow Stealer!

So here we are. I’m about to unveil the very last cover for the very last book in the Silver Moon Saga. That’s both bittersweet and crazy. Did I ever think, those forty-two days I spent writing the first draft of THE SIGHT SEER, that I’d publish not one, not two, but FIVE books about Gabi and her demon-hunting friends? No, definitely not. So thank you to everyone who has joined me on this adventure. You are the reason I love this writing thing. 🙂

And now, without further ado, I present to you the gorgeous, stunning cover of THE SHADOW STEALER. I won’t even make you scroll down to see it.

The Shadow Stealer (Medium)

And there it is. What do you think?! Do you love it as much as I do? Because, and don’t tell the other four covers I said this, but this one right here is my favorite. Her expression, the way she’s looking at you dead in the eye as she glances over her shoulder… Even the green background (is she in her garden? A forest? Somewhere else?) is perfect. I literally just stared at my computer, my mouth ajar, when I opened my email and saw this for the first time. A huge, huge thank you to Rue Volley for giving me five beautiful covers.

THE SHADOW STEALER releases February 27th! The blurb is up on Goodreads, but here it is in case you haven’t seen it yet:

Ever since that fateful night Gabi Saw her first demon, she’s been questioning who and, better yet, what she is. When given a chance to find the answers she seeks, she seizes it, even if it means putting herself—and her beloved friends—in danger.

From upstate New York to the streets of Manhattan, Gabi chases after the truth that has, until this point, remained out of reach. But when her whole world shatters, Gabi wonders if it would have been better to remain ignorant. Because once you know the truth, there’s no going back.

In the final installment of the Silver Moon Saga, the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been for Gabi and her friends, and no one’s guaranteed a happy ending. Will Gabi triumph or will the shadows claim her for their own?

This is one of the longest books I’ve ever written, and if you’ve been following me on here and Facebook, then you know I struggled with it for almost all of last year. But the more a book fights me, the more I end up loving it (well, I spend a lot of time cursing it out, too). I hope that you will enjoy it, too!

That’s not all! To celebrate the end of the Silver Moon Saga, I’ve decided to host a contest. Click the link below for a chance to win a SIGNED paperback copy of THE SIGHT SEER, the book that started everything. The contest will run until February 2nd, and it is open INTERNATIONALLY. I’ll throw in some book swag too, which includes stickers and a signed mini-poster.

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Surprise! I have something very exciting to share with you! Are you ready?


(Another beautiful cover by Rue Volley! Click for the full size.)

A Silver Moon Saga novella! It’s coming out November 14th, which is less than a month away! Here’s the blurb:

Gabi, Rafe, and all of their friends are back in three exciting short stories that bridge the gap between books one and two of the Silver Moon Saga. Join them as they celebrate Halloween in A Sweet Treat—can they make it through the night without Gabi destroying her costume? Find out what Rafe’s really afraid of in Indiana Rafe, a story told exclusively from his perspective. And in An Autumn Dream, Gabi struggles to make amends with a painful part of her past. Filled with laughter and tears, demon battles and plenty of kissing, this novella is a must read for fans of The Sight Seer!

Why a novella, you ask? Right after I finished writing and editing The Sight Seer, I found myself unable to let the characters go just yet. I wrote two short stories (A Sweet Treat and Indiana Rafe), but I never shared them with anyone. Fast forward to a year and a half later, when I sent them to Amy. She was the one who suggested a novella, but we both agreed it was too short with just the two stories. Once I finished writing the first draft of the second Silver Moon Saga novel, I proceeded to write An Autumn Dream. Putting the three stories together, I had my novella. Like the blurb says, they take place after The Sight Seer, so you must read that first! And hopefully it’ll help tide you over until the second book comes out (and no, I don’t know a date yet, but it will be 2014. Hopefully early 2014.). You can go ahead and add it to your to-read shelf on Goodreads.

To celebrate, I’m giving away one e-book of The Sight Seer for the Kindle!

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Contest for The Sight Seer!!

To celebrate The Sight Seer’s release, I am giving away a SIGNED paperback!!! This contest is open internationally and will run from now until June 28th. That’s two weeks, with chances to add more entries EACH DAY. You can tweet about the contest, follow me on Twitter and Facebook, and like my Facebook fanpage. Easy, right?

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After the winner claims their prize and provides me with their address, I will ship the book as soon as I receive it (probably the beginning of July) via USPS. And it will be signed. I am practicing my author signature just for you, winner. *flexes*

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